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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Special Guest Cherry Adair!

Cherry's next action adventure novel will be GIDEON coming this Fall.

Over the last decade-ish J I've carved a niche for myself with my sexy, sassy, fast-paced, action adventure novels which have appeared on numerous bestsellers lists, won dozens of awards and garnered praise from reviewers and fans alike. When people ask me- “What’s the book (any of my books. Lol) about?” My response is - “Running-chasing-attraction-shooting--wild-money-sex-running-shooting-more-wild-monkey-sex-running-chasing-shooting-happily-ever-after J

I loathe writing first drafts. To me it's like wading through wet cement, and it take me forever because there's always something I'd rather be doing . Which is why I no longer write by the seat of my pants, I plot and then plot some more, so that the map of my story is easy to follow and relatively painless. Once that first draft is done, it's another story. I can't be torn away from my computer. I go back and layer and texture, polish, tweak, and fluff!

Writing is not for sissies. It's hard, hard work. And solitary work at that. But through the years I've found two other passions to fuel me, and spark my creativity.

The first is teaching. I love, love love teaching everything I've learned about writing over the years to other authors. It give me such a kick to see the OMG! look in someone's eyes a second before their head goes down, and their fingers fly as they write or type at lightening speed. I know that whatever I just said resonated, and she's no longer even in the same room, but off applying it to her own story, oblivious to everyone around her. I know what that feels like, and I want the writers/students in my classes, to have that ah-ha moment every time a teach the craft of writing.

The second is my passion for mentoring other writers, particularly fledgling writers at every stage from rank beginners, to authors with several books under their belts. So many people say they want to write a book, but they never sit their butts in the chair and actually write. Or they write the same three chapters over and over again, tweaking and polishing and changing a word here and there (sure, lady - that's the EASY part! Lol) . Many of them enter every contest, get fabulous feedback on the same three chapters, year after year, after year…. but never finish the book. I gently, with great love, and very little sympathy (sure it's hard, cupcake. But if you want it badly enough you'll stop talking about it, and buckle down and put in the work) nudge them to sit their as- butts in the chair and write, and finish the book! Lol

I have an active  motivational group on Facebook called Butt In Chair Challenge ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/ButtInChair/) for anyone who needs a weekly nudge. Everyone has to report in once a week with their anticipated word or page count, then come back the following week to let me know if they met their goal.  (threats and bribes are involved J Sometimes all I need to do is show them a picture of a great high heel - I can motivate with graphics. J)

I've kicked a LOT of butts over the years, and have dozens and dozens of published books filling the shelves in my office from people I've mentored. Proving that sitting one's butt down and finishing the damn book pays off!

I don't delude myself, I know I have very little if anything to do with their success. I think of myself as the magic feather Dumbo was given to help him to fly. J Everyone needs to be seen. We all want to be acknowledged. No one sits behind us as we type, saying "WOW! That sentence is amazing!" I don't read my mentees (is that a word??! Lol) work. But I am always right there beside them mentally, encouraging them to keep going, urging them to finish this book, and start the next, propping them up when they get that rejection letter, encouraging them to keep submitting, keep writing, keep learning. I want to see them publish. I want their success. There's plenty of room for all of us. I can't wait to buy their book the second they tell me it's available. Their success gives me enormous satisfaction and joy.

Two of my dear friends, Tina De Salvo*(Elli) and Stella Barcelona*(Deceived) published their debut novels this month. While I had nothing to do with their success, I'm so proud of their dedication, and their willingness to learn everything necessary to get their novels from first draft to completed book.  I did a little nudging, but not much. Neither needed that feather. But if they'd wanted or needed it - I would've handed over a bushel-full of feathers in a heartbeat. J


*Tina De Salvo & Stella Barcelona are Guesting here at RTG on May 29th & 30th.


Sarah Raplee said...

It's so good to have you back at Romancing the Genres, Cherry! Love the cover of Gideon.

Your devotion to mentoring and encouraging other writers is legendary. You are one powerful magic feather! I personally know at least a dozen writers you have uplifted when they needed it, including myself.

On behalf of all of us, THANK YOU!!!

Diana McCollum said...

Thanks for all you give back to us writers. You are a magical feather! Checking out "ButtInChair", sounds like a good way to be accountable!

Cherry Adair said...

Diana - I'm ready to kick...Motivate you :)

Asa Maria Bradley said...

I love Cherry's book, the running, the shooting, the monkey sex, which is sometimes on a camel--I love it all. I can also attest to how amazing of a mentor she is. Back in 2012, I participated in Cherry's Finish The Damned Book challenges for the Emerald City writing Conference. If it wasn't for Cherry, I wouldn't have finished my VALHALLA'S KING manuscript that year. It went on to take second place in the 2012 On The Far Side contest. And after a few rewrites, it is now a 2014 Golden Heart Finalist.

I love you Cherry, you have no idea how amazing you are and how much you mean to so many people, including baby writers.

Jessa Slade said...

Cherry is a whole boa worth of magical writing feathers! Thanks for sharing the inspiration. Can't wait to read the new hottie!

Judith Ashley said...

I'm another published author because of the ECWC - FTDB challenge. "Lily" was published March 4, 2014 and because I did it once (FTDB) I've done it again and now have the first three books in The Sacred Women's Circle Series available. Without The Challenge, I'm know I wouldn't be where I am in my writing career.

For me, the feather was actually finishing the book because that showed me I could do it because I had.

Thanks, Cherry!

Paty Jager said...

Welcome Cherry! I love the visual of you giving writers the feather that lifts them and gets them writing.

It's so true the butt in the chair is the only way to get a book written.

Looking forward to the next book!