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Friday, August 8, 2014

Time Travel?

julie gibson orkney college
Taken by Julie Gibson Orney College

By Diana McCollum

The suggested subject for the August blog post is “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”. I am going to deviate from the suggested topic and discuss a couple of different modes of travel.
In the first part of my story “The Crystal Witch”, published in the anthology “Love&Magick”, my characters, living in the Sixteen Hundreds, walked. Eventually Henrietta, the witch heroine time travels with the help of Shaman Adahy to contemporary times thus escaping from the Warlock who wants to enslave her and take her power.

Now I think traveling through time to any place I could choose would be the ultimate traveling experience. I would have to have a return “trip” guarantee, though before I’d go.

Just imagine being able to see how people really lived in past centuries, watching historical events unfold, knowing what the outcome will be. To witness not only the heroes of the past but the ordinary men and women what their lives were like.

... cathedral skara brae ring of brodgar maeshowe wartime orkney webcams
Stone age village of Skara Brae
I read an article in National Geographic Magazine about an ancient civilization uncovered in the Orkney Islands of Scotland. The civilization dates back to 3,200 B.C. 

24 visitor photos
Ring of Brodgar
There are stone monuments on the islands that were erected before Stonehenge! At the Ness of Brodgar  the people flourished farming, building and trading with people in passing watercraft. They used paint pigments and had a shop just for painting in.No thatched roofs for these people, they used slate for roofs and this was unheard of anywhere else in Scotland during that time period. After one thousand years, for unknown reasons, they partially destroyed their temple, slaughtered more than four hundred head of cattle for a farewell feast, destroyed their homes to mostly rubble and left the islands. Researchers don’t know where they went or why.

Some researchers attribute it to possible climate change. Maybe it was to cold and wet to grow crops.

Being curious, I want to know what happened to these movers and shakers of old. We may never know, but if we could Time Travel…

If you could travel to another time and place, where would it be and why?


Sarah Raplee said...

I'd like to travel as an observer to Roswell, New Mexico in July of 1947 to learn what really happened there. Was it a crashed experimental balloon? Or an alien spacecraft?

Interesting post, Diana!

Diana McCollum said...

O-o-h, I'd like to take that trip, Sarah! One of those mysteries we may never know. Thanks for commenting.

Kai Strand said...

What a fascinating story, Diana! I'd love to know why, too. I don't have a burning desire to time travel because there are so many places in this world I'd love to see currently. However, if you MADE me, I think I'd want to go forward and see who the future has designated as the heroes from today. See the conveniences we've yet to invent or to see if we end up in a dystopic world because of a rebelling society or nature.

Maggie Lynch said...

With Outlander series coming to TV soon, I suspect a lot of people will be vicariously time traveling to Scotland. The one thing that always frightens me about time travel to the past is the health concerns, safety concerns, and definite restrictions on women--almost always to the woman's detriment.

However, I would like to visit a society in the past that was either women-led or truly equal between women and men. I wonder if we can learn something from those groups of people.

There is some evidence, though not conclusive, that several tribal groups around the world had this cultural ethos. In the America's it appears that the Pueblo, Cherokee, and Navajo had this. I would probably choose to travel back to the times of the height of Pueblo society.

Diana McCollum said...

Thanks for stopping by, Kai! It would be fascinating to travel into the future too!

Maggie, I agree with the health issues and treatment of women. Still, I'd like to know the reasons behind the Scotsmen leaving and the Native Americans leaving the Pueblo, Cherokee and Navajo. Why would they leave? We may never know.

Cathy McGreevy said...

Tough question, because there are so many interesting times and places in history! Ancient Rome would be a fascinating place to visit, and they had running water! (Although I would skip the brutal entertainment.) I have a fondness for Victorian England, too, which comes out in my own historical novels.

Diana McCollum said...

Hi, Cathy! Both time periods are excellent choices! There are so many time periods I'd like to investigate along with some future times! :))

Marie Harte said...

Great post, Diana. I always wonder what happened to those forgotten civilizations. Roanoke, anyone?

Judith Ashley said...

When I was young and read stories of princesses in castles being rescued by the handsome prince (who now that I'm older would also be kind, considerate, and include me like in a partnership) and having visited some castles in Ireland, England and Scotland I still think I'd like to visit those times - except I'd want to take along a flush toilet and my bed. *smile*

Judith Ashley said...

Of course if I was doing remote viewing, I'd really never leave the comforts of home but I could still "see" what was happening.

As usual, a fun post, Diana!

Pippa Jay said...

I'm a huge fan of time travel - life long Doctor Who watcher! I've written a time travel story that starts off on a backwater planet stuck at a Medieval level, because it's one of my favourite eras, but I'm not entirely sure I'd like to visit. Really, as a SciFi author, I'd take a trip to the future! I'm not sure I'll get to see the first person land on Mars in my lifetime, for example, and I'd love to see if humanity can actually overcome all its prejudice and greed, and make it out among the stars for real.