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Thursday, October 2, 2014

A New Zealand Halloween- or lack of one!

October is scary month. Tee hee, it's Halloween on 31 October. 
Halloween is not a big deal in New Zealand. As a child I can still clearly remember how disappointed I was going trick-a-treating in New Zealand for the first time. I’d been spoiled you see, as my first few years of Halloween were experienced when I lived in the USA. I loved that we all dressed up and that we had to have a trick ready in case they wanted a trick.
You see, I’d been living in the USA for about 3 years while my dad was at Cornell. We returned to NZ when I was six. That October we went out trick-a-treating and I got hardly anything!
In the USA, I could remember having to have several baskets ready to collect all the ‘candy’ ‘lollies’ or ‘sweets’ as the bounty is called depending on which country you’re from. Because New Zealanders don’t really get into Halloween, I got less than one basket, and no one really dressed up! I was so upset I cried. 
That was a few years ago now, and a few more NZ families get into the groove, so to speak, on the 31st October, and some kids do dress up,  but I’m still lucky if I get one or two kids knocking at my door. I usually have sweets let over. It’s not helped by the fact it’s the start of summer, and day light savings, so it doesn’t get dark until about
9pm. Not very spooky when you’re running around in broad daylight, but I suspect a bit safer.

This year, since my move from Wellington to the Hawkes Bay, I live rural, so I suspect I’ll get no children knocking on my door. Still, I have bought my bags of ‘candy’ ‘sweets’ or ‘lollies’ ready for the heady rush of asking for a trick. I’m ever hopeful when I open the door that the children have made an effort and dress for fright!
What’s your favorite memory of Halloween? Tell me, and one lucky commenter will win a copy of Invitation To Passion.
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Madeline Knight thought she was doing the right thing when she saved Richard Craven from his lover's irate husband. Now her silly schoolgirl crush has left her married to a man who's in love with another woman. Consumed with guilt over trapping Richard, she tries her best to be the perfect wife and win his heart. Failure is not an option. For if she fails she loses everything, she loves him too much not to set him free...

While Richard and Madeline confront the reality of their marriage, Madeline's life comes under threat. A family enemy is set on revenge. Will Richard learn the truth of his heart, and what is truly precious to him, before the unknown enemy destroys their world?


Denise Covey said...

Hi Bronwen. As you'd know, it's no big deal in Australia either, although it is gathering momentum. Your book seems to have some great conflict. Would be lovely to win a copy.

I run an online monthly bloghop. Of course, the October challenge is Halloween Style GHOST STORY. Perhaps you'd agree to have this post linked to it when I put the linky up.

You can check us out at WEP:

Denise :)

Judith Ashley said...

Interesting post, Bron. In all the years I've gone Trick or Treating in my life (albeit not for several decades now), I've never been asked for a 'trick'. But I have come home with Lots of candy. My parents used to have my brothers and me give them our stash and it was doled out a few pieces a day at a time. Most likely a wise decision so we didn't eat ourselves sick! Candy was a special treat at our house and not something we had every day or even every week.

The last two years I've kept my house dark because the little children weren't coming and it wasn't fun to give treats out to bigger kids.

Sarah Raplee said...

I enjoyed your post, Bron. My 13-yr old granddaughter is already practicing applying makeup for her Halloween costume!

My favorite memory of Halloween is from when we were young parents. We lived in a very small community in Alaska with a very small school (60 students.) Some of the parents got together and built an amazing Haunted House in the school gym. We're talking a LOT of volunteer hours.That was the most excitement we'd had in a long time! We did a kids' version for the under-twelve crowd and an 'adult' version for the older kids and grownups. I doubt there was anyone in the community who didn't go through more than once. One of the fathers even super-glued Werewolf hair on his face because there was no store on the island to go buy something 'kinder'.

Robin Kramme said...

Hi, Browen,
I missed Halloween the year I lived in Australia during a high school exchange program many, many years ago! In my Arizona community now, mostly the dads take the smaller kids out while the moms mind the door back at their own home. The kids get candy and the dads get cans of beer to sip as they walk around! You mention your Dad was at Cornell. It is my alma mater and history is being made as this 150 year old institution welcomes its first female president on board in 2015. Times are a changing - still...

robin said...

Oh, shoot. Nothing like a typo to start off my comment - sorry, Bronwen!!

Diana McCollum said...

Hi, Browen,

My favorite Halloween was at my daughters house in California. Her three kids were little and she invited me over to mind the door while they all went out Trick Or Treating together. I dressed as a scary witch, no mask but lots of makeup, and when I came to the door no one recognized me! I motioned to come in, and they let me in. Of course the baby cried. It was total fun answering their door dressed like that. Your excerpt is fascinating. What conflict!!