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Monday, October 27, 2014

Overheard on . . . Romancing the Genres

“After seeing the other side, I have a new perspective on this life.”

It was the first time I had met someone with a near death experience. We were at PF Changs having dinner after a long day of writing-related sessions at the Emerald City Writers Conference in Seattle. The woman across from me was really interesting on a number of levels. Traveling to the U.S. from Budapest, she was on an extended tour to promote her books. She was also an incredibly spiritual woman who had wonderful stories to tell about how her near death experience changed her life. The highlight, though, was when she read my palm.

It wasn’t the first time that day I had run into someone with a perspective on my character. At lunch we sat with a woman who knew how to do handwriting analysis. She showed us how to determine whether we believed a statement about ourselves to be true. Like, “I will be a New York Times best-selling author.” Try it! Write something you want for yourself. Now, are you done? Okay, if the letters are all evenly spaced, you believe it. However, if there is a space between the words ‘will be’ and the next part of the sentence (in my case, ‘a New York Times best-selling author’,) it means you don’t believe it. Apparently I have a ways to go in building my self-confidence around this statement:>)

Then, after analyzing my signature, she told me I was a cheerleader. I probably should have clarified whether she meant in the 'mean girl' way, or in the 'supporting your friends' way. I’ll take it as the second though.

So anyway, back to dinner and my palm reading. My new friend from Budapest told me I should not be afraid to take risks because I was well protected from the other side. It was the perfect timing for this insight too, since I am experimenting with a new-model publishing company for my third book, Molto Mayhem.

Set in Italy, and filled with rich descriptions of food and place, as well as hilarious characters, Molto Mayhem is a story about finding unexpected love on a difficult journey home. Like my second book, Untangling the Knot, it delves into deeper topics while still maintaining a light, humorous touch.

I am thrilled that it was accepted by Inkshares Publishing and set up for the funding stage. Inkshares selects only those projects they think will succeed, helps them raise money for all of the services required to publish a book, and then handles all of the publication, distribution, and publicity much as a large NY publisher would.

My campaign is only a few weeks in and I have already reached almost 20% of my goal. I have a lot of plans to get the word out there but I’d love to have help. Here are two ways you can support my effort to get this wonderful story published.

1.       Check out my funding page at Inkshares, where you can read the full synopsis, learn more about Inkshares, and even pre-order Molto Mayhem to help fund the book.

2.       Help spread the word. Here are Facebook and Twitter blurbs you can use to let your friends know about Molto Mayhem and Inkshares.
Facebook: I just found a cool new book project called "Molto Mayhem" on Inkshares!  The first chapter already looks hilarious, so I can't wait to see it published! You can find out all about the book (including an overview) at:
Twitter: I can’t wait to see this book published. It’s set in #Italy & the food descriptions make me want to lick the pages:

Now I’m off to bungee jump since no one said my risks have to be just with my writing. Besides, famous author John Burroughs said, “Leap, and the net will appear.” Here’s to everyone who takes risks without a net and to your next Journey Inspired by Love.



Sarah Raplee said...

This is an interesting model. It does not make it clear on the page that donors are receiving books, unless you click on Back This Book. I didn't know you used pre-orders until I read this post. That kept me from wanting to support you. Perhaps you should make that clear on the first page?

Best of luck,Deanne!

Diana McCollum said...

Interesting post! I met the lady from Budapest too! She sat at my table at the ECWC. Very interesting woman. Emerald City was a wonderful conference for writers.

Good luck with sales.

Judith Ashley said...

Looking forward to hearing how this model works out, Deanne.

"Leap and the net will appear" is one of those saying I'm testing out myself. It is right along side my "When one door closes, another opens." But don't expect to see me anywhere near the bungee jump! That requires being comfortable with height and falling - so not me!