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Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Year of Possibilities by Mae Pen

2015 started off bright and cold here in the Pacific Northwest. Like a ray of sunshine through the gray clouds this year screams of possibilities and moving forward. Of course with this being January, and not wanting to buck tradition, I've made my own goals for the year and going by my yearly horoscope things look great. I've come to learn over the years to keep goals few and manageable, so for this year I have seven.

1.) I will try new things out of my comfort zone.
        I am taking more time for my hobbies such as Cosplay and Scrapbooking and going to conventions and talking with people I normally wouldn't.

2.) I will take control of my health.
       After watching my father loose his battle with cancer I am determined to be more aware of my health and how things affect me.

3.) I will make my career a priority.
       I'll get back to writing and put at least one short story and one novel out this year and learn to market.

4.) I will reconnect with the earth and the magic of the world.
      The world is a magical place and as authors I feel like we bring the magical child wonderness to our readers, but in order to do so we need to see it ourselves.

5.) I will learn to become more self-sufficient (homesteading).
     As you know from last year this was something we were working on. This year we will be adding chickens and more gardening space as well as learning how to can.

6.) I will become closer to my community.
      My hope is to use the Cub Scout Pack my husband and I run to make a difference in our community. Several years ago our cult-de-sac would have a block party and I'd like to see that make a return. I'd also like to see a community garden make an appearance in our area and a service to help senior citizens with yard work and home repairs.

7.) I will dedicate more time and attention to the animals.
       We will be building a cat-run and enclosure for our cats, which aren't allowed outside due to a grumpy neighbor. As well as learning how to care for chickens. The kids are really looking forward to that.

So what are some of your goals for the year? Do you have any idea how you'd like to accomplish them?


Echo Ishii said...

Cosplay sounds like fun! I've never done it, but lately I've had the urge to try. It looks like fun and I really want to dress up in honor of the new Star Wars movie.

Good luck with your resolutions.:)

Sarah Raplee said...

Worthy goals, all!

We have chickens. Not only do they give us eggs, but they are affectionate and funny pets. We had the grandkids handle them a lot as chicks, and it paid off - they are totally tame.

You can get sexed chicks through Wilco Farm Stores. Then you don't have to worry about roosters crowing or attacking your kids-definitely a plus!

My goals are to publish a story in the Windtree Press Valentine's Anthology, Gifts of the Heart (this one's done-just came out); to publish three Paranormal Romance Novels; to explore options like book reviewing and freelance editing; and to pray and meditate daily.

maepen said...

To Echo: Cosplay is a blast, but it does take some work. Start out with a costume you can manage on your skills. My first few were all hand sewn (I'm really good at that now, but recieved a sewing machine finally last year) and glue, but the kids were so excited about getting them. Now we're working on more elaborate ones. :)

Sarah: Thanks. I'll have to check into them. The kids are so excited for spring. I like your goals. They sound like manageable tasks. :)

Diana McCollum said...

I've decided to do monthly goals. For January I will finish my edits on my novella and get it up loaded at windtree Press and other sales venues. February I'll finish writing my Romantic Suspense and send to editors/agents that requested it at a conference I attended. That's as far a head as I'm thinking right now. Every month I plan on eating healthy, doing one craft item i.e. jewelry, painting, knitting, these are my form of meditation. Happy New Year! and good luck on your goals!!

Madelle Morgan said...

Not sure who wrote this post?

Sarah Raplee said...

That's why you need to remember your byline and short introduction, Mae, LOL!

Judith Ashley said...

The biggest in some respects is to finish The Sacred Women's Circle series which means writing, etc. three full length novels from scratch. Tied to that is keeping balance in my life. Too many hours in a row at the computer and my body suffers.

So far I'm doing great! (Although it is only 01/11 when I write this). It is doable but I will have to stay focused which is why I have my goals written out and posted next to my computer!

My other focus is on my own spiritual practice. My day always goes better when I start it off with my spiritual work. This morning I've candles lit - each one with an intention prayed into its flame.

And, thank you for building the cat run! I may not be your grumpy neighbor but there are few things worse than digging in your garden and sticking your hand in cat feces or having your afternoon relaxing on the deck marred by the "lovely odor" of cat spray.