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Thursday, January 29, 2015

GIFTS FROM THE HEART for Valentine's Day

Three Genre-istas - Diana McCollum, Sarah Raplee and Judith Ashley - have romantic short stories in GIFTS FROM THE HEART, a new Valentine's anthology from Windtree Press!

Gifts from the Heart includes nine short stories ranging in length from Flash Fiction to Nearly-a-Novella. Some sweet, some sensuous, some crossing genres and all ending in a happily-ever-after, these tales of love include something for every reader.

Saved by the Ring is Diana McCollum's second-chance tale of heartbreak, healing and battlefield miracles.

In a few short pages, Sarah Raplee's A Telltale Heart will bring tears to your eyes and a little skip to the beat of your heart.

Is He The One? by Judith Ashley follows Sophia as she uses Dr. William Glasser's psychological concepts to be sure her heart and her head are in alignment when she replies to her best friend's proposal.

To read an excerpt  in the Amazon store, CLICK HERE.

**Available at all major online book stores in both print and e-book formats.**


Anonymous said...

Having read every story in this anthology, I can honestly say it really is a good one. From what I see of the reviews so far, it seems other people agree. Good job all of you!

Judith Ashley said...

Being one of the contributors and having proofread every story, I know there is at least one story that will touch your heart.

Vonnie Alto said...

How exciting that it's finally published! I'm looking forward to reading it. I so love Valentine's Day stories!