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Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Year = New Beginnings

Hello everyone. Thank you for stopping by. I’m Terri Molina and I write romantic suspense with the Tex-Mex flavor of the Southwest. You can find more about me at my website:

I don’t know about you, but I was glad to see 2014 end. Talk about a bad year!  From health issues to loss of a family member to unemployment.  We even had to say goodbye to our beloved dog, Lizzie.  She had gotten sick in November and pretty much deteriorated from there, so much so, that we knew there was no hope. Of course, I was in denial for a while, kept thinking the vet would make her better. Then I wanted to give the kids a chance to say goodbye. My daughter was going to be coming home the week of Christmas and she hadn’t realized how sick Lizzie was.  She got the chance to spend some time with her and tell her goodbye.

 On January 1st, we had to put Lizzie down. It was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done.  Although we’d prepared the kids and especially my daughters, they were extremely heartbroken. Lizzie was their first pet, best friend, confidant. They’d bought her from the SPCA with their own money which they’d spent months saving.  She would have been thirteen in April and we miss her every day.

 As if that wasn't bad enough,  2014 also ended with my husband being let go from the company he’s been with for the past 15 years….his first job since retiring from the Coast Guard. Initially we were upset because there was no valid reason for him to be let go from a job he excelled at, but as we thought about it we realized it was more of a blessing. He was no longer happy with the company and wanted to do something new. His company gave him a very nice severance package (as well they should have!) and he took the month of December off to just relax and do things around the house (like drive me up the wall…haha…just kidding…. sorta).  We were pretty confident he’d find a new job which he did, almost immediately. It’s a big cut in pay right now, but eventually he’ll double his last salary and it’s a job he’s really excited about (but don’t ask me what it is…it’s all Greek telecommunication technical to me).  And, we’ll be staying in Phoenix. (yay?)

Of course there were some good things that happened in 2014 which we will let outweigh the bad. My son got a promotion and nice salary increase and he also got officially engaged to his girlfriend. No word on when the wedding will be…that’s a stress for 2016 I think.

So, even though 2015 started out on a somber note, I foresee this being a very good year for us. In fact, I’m determined to make it one!  No more messing around. It’s time to get serious about the three W’s: writing, weight and wardrobe!  Okay, my wardrobe isn't that bad, I just didn't have another W word.   But the weight and writing…..

Anyway, a belated Happy New Year to you all! And many blessings for a terrific 2015! 


Judith Ashley said...

I was also glad to see 2014 go! Even though the good really did outweigh the bad, the good seemed to be concentrated in the early part of the year so by May, it was very challenging up to Thanksgiving.

Writing, weight and wonder? Hmm, can one really get serious about wonder? Maybe if we look at it as serious about recognizing the wonder in the world around us?

Here's to 2015!!!

Diana McCollum said...

Great blog post, Terry! Sorry for the loss of lizzie. That's a hard thing to go through. Good luck with your goals Writing, Weight and Wardrobe. Wardrobe is a good one, us girls can always use a new pair of shoes or sweater or....Besides, shopping is good therapy.

Pippa Jay said...

I'm sorry 2014 sucked so much for you. Wishing you a better 2015.