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Saturday, January 31, 2015


Good morning!

I’m Jade and I’ve been graciously invited to talk to you about my first book, The Viscount’s Counterfeit Wife, a regency historical that was digitally self-published in late July and has just recently become available in print.  I’m going to let one of my characters, Foster, do the talking for a bit before I come back to tell you about myself.  He likes to run things!

Let me introduce myself, I’m Foster, officially I’m butler and general factotum to Miss Talia Lawton, clandestine artist and newly arrived visitor to London but, unofficially, I’m a shoulder-to-cry-on, her partner-in-crime and the closest thing to a father she has.  Or, as Miss Tally calls me, her “Guardian Angel”, though I look more like a weathered garden gnome than any angel you could imagine.

I won’t even bother you with the tale of how we had to break into the house we’ve rented ‘cuz the key wouldn’t fit.  Our second mishap concerns Monsieur Moreau, Missy’s mentor — he’s vanished!  And every time we set foot outside, another misfortune occurs, narrowly missing killing Miss Tally.  Mere “accidents”, she thinks but, as I told her, no one is that unlucky.

And then last night a man climbed in her bedroom window!  What brass!  But Missy ain’t no wilting flower.  Heh, heh…  She shot him with her pistol.  You should ‘av seen all the blood!  Unfortunately, she only winged the blasted man on the shoulder.  Thing is, he must have heard the trigger and dived to avoid the bullet and hit his head on a solid oak dresser.  Knocked his senses clear out of his head… or so he says.  I was all for throwing him out in the street, but Miss Tally wouldn’t hear of it.  Soft heart, she has.  Hope it doesn’t turn out she’s being soft-headed too.

So there he is in the guest bedroom, lying comfy as a Lord, being waited on mostly by Missy.  She doesn’t want me climbing the stairs so much.  I got arturitis and my legs pain me something awful.  See what a kind heart she has!

I confess, my biggest worry now is when things become too quiet up there in that bedroom!  I sure hope I can convince her to leave dirty, dangerous London and go back home soon... before she no longer can.

Now back to me, Jade, although I can’t claim to be as interesting as Foster and Missy!  I’m a freelance writer and member of the Romance Writer’s Association of America.  I came late to the reading, loving and writing of historical regency novels.  Now, that’s all I can think of writing!  

The first book in my upcoming series, The Brotherhood of Spares, debuts later this year and is tentatively called Luke’s Book: The Misplaced Lady.  You will meet a few of the Spares in The Viscount’s Counterfeit Wife, brothers and friends of Reed, the hero, though the book isn’t directly part of the series.

Enough about me.  It’s time to pass the baton over to you.  Should you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them and, if you would like to come visit me  or buy my book, you can find my website at: .

WIN MY BOOK!  I’ll be giving away a print or digital version of THE VISCOUNT’S COUNTERFEIT WIFE (your choice) to ONE lucky commentor.  To win, please leave your e-mail address and comment.  

***I’ll announce the winner on my website.***  


Maggie said...

I enjoyed your book, it made me LOL! And no wonder Foster is worried about what is going on up in that bedroom. Looking forward to reading your next one!

Madelle Morgan said...

Congratulations on your release, Jade. Can't wait to read more!

J. Jade Jordan said...

Thanks Maggie and Madelle for your encouragement.

It's awesome knowing people are reading your book and enjoying it.

Judith Ashley said...

Thanks for joining us at RTG, Jade. "The Viscount's Counterfeit Wife" looks intriguing, at least from Foster's POV!

I'm glad to see you've posted your publishing plans for this year because I'm intrigued by the series title "The Brotherhood of Spares". I was just thinking last night about the English primogenitor laws and how challenging it must be for 'the spare' if the heir was not willing to share at all.

Linda Hill - the purple-1 said...

Congratulations on the release of The Viscount's Conterfeit Wife. I enjoy books set in that time period. The humor and the characters made the story a fun read. Can't wait for the new series.

All the best...

Linda....The purple one!

J. Jade Jordan said...

Thank you so much for your kind comment, Judith. I am very excited about my Brotherhood series and I'm very pleased to know that you find it intriguing. I have at least five stories in various stages of plotting at the moment, so it promises to be a long series, but each book will, I hope, be able to be read on its own.

Thanks for giving me the chance to meet people on your blog.

Sarah Raplee said...

Hi Jade, Thank you for Guesting with us. I, too, am intrigued by your series title, The Brotherhood of Spares. Guess that means it's a great title - it makes people want to find out more!

The Viscount's Counterfeit Wife sounds like a fun romantic read.

J. Jade Jordan said...

Thanks for reading my book, Linda, and it means so much to know that you enjoyed it. I never thought I could be humorous, though I love to read books that are, so it's nice to know that I have succeeded.

I appreciate your supportive comments.


jrcanuck said...

Hi Jade,

We are very impressed by your storyline and your humour.
We look forward to reading more books that you will publish in the future.

Best Regards

John and Ann

J. Jade Jordan said...

Hi Sarah, Thanks so much for giving me the chance to come talk to you and your fellow bloggers. I have had that title in my head for so many years now, that I guess I've forgotten how great I thought it was when I first came up with it. :P

Thanks for your encouragement!


Lindsay Hogan said...

Congrats on your release!! I can't wait to read it and I look forward to more!!

John Warren said...

Looking forward with great anticipation to reading this.

J. Jade Jordan said...

Thank you John and Ann for coming in to visit today. I appreciate the support.


J. Jade Jordan said...

Hi Lindsay, thanks so much for your good wishes. Hope you enjoy it!


J. Jade Jordan said...

Thanks for stopping by John. I appreciate the encouragement.


Gail said...

Congratulations on the launch of your new book! I'm planning on reading "The Viscount's Counterfeit Wife", Jade. That title just grasps your attention. That "Brotherhood" you mentioned for your upcoming series opens all kinds of interesting possibilities.


J. Jade Jordan said...

Thanks Gail for stopping by to read my blog. Glad you like my title and hope my "Brotherhood" series lives up to expectations too!


John Robert Davis said...

I can't wait to read The Viscount's Counterfeit Wife, I seriously have to sit down and take both of my socks off every time I even say the title. I am so excited for it to arrive in the mail, I feel like the belle of the ball!

J. Jade Jordan said...

Thanks for stopping by, John. Not sure why you have to remove your socks unless you like to read bare foot... Hope you enjoy it!