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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Why Unrequited Love? by Sarah Raplee

Hi! I'm Sarah Raplee, and I write scary, funny paranormal and steampunk romances. I write because I can't help it, and it's more fun than most of the alternatives. I have short stories in two anthologies, LOVE & MAGICK and GIFTS FROM THE HEART  from Windtree Press. My PN Romantic Suspense novel, BLINDSIGHT, will be released next month.

I’ve always been interested in stories of unrequited love. One of my favorite opening lines in a romance novel is from the great Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ This Heart of Mine.

The day Kevin Tucker nearly killed her, Molly Somerville swore off unrequited love forever.

Of course, just when Molly is ready to finally move on, Fate has other plans for this unlikely couple. Which begs the question, why does a person love someone for years when the object of their affections not only doesn’t love them back, but is unlikely to or even incapable of ever returning their love? Doesn't even know of their love?

Loving someone you know is out of reach may be a way to protect your heart. If you never have their love, you can never feel the pain of losing it.

Never telling someone you love them means never risking rejection.

Loving someone from afar may mean never having to deal with the reality of their flaws. You can create an idealized version of this perfect person who doesn’t really exist. Maybe you are too young or immature, or have too many unresolved ‘issues’ for a real love relationship between two normal, flawed people. For some, maybe it’s a practice step on the road to true love.

Sometimes, keeping your feelings to yourself may be a matter of honor. Your beloved is your friend’s husband or wife. Or a criminal. Or your people’s enemy.

What are your thoughts about unrequited love?


Pippa Jay said...

Unrequited love was something that added to my teenage angst. To this day, I can't bear to read it because it's just too heartbreaking, and one reason I don't write it myself. But I agree that it is a way to idolize someone but keep your heart safe, until the day you find true love and realize there is someone out there who will love you back. That kind of story - and reality - is the one that gives me the warm fuzzies. ^-^

Sarah Raplee said...

That kind of story gives me the warm fuzzies, too, Pippa.

I think that although unrequited love is painful, it is less scary than the unknown of rejection.Maybe that's why the lover never confesses his/her love to the beloved.

Judith Ashley said...

I agree with you both-an unrequited love story is not something I want to read and it is a 'safe' love. No risk of rejection, no seeing the real person behind the facade the main character has created for the other. I also think the balance I want to see in a healthy relationship is missing.
I love and have read many of Susan Elizabeth Phillips books but that one you quoted from isn't one of them.
Thoughtful post as always, Sarah!

Diana McCollum said...

I agree with you all that with unrequited love you would protect your heart from being crushed, but what does that do to your soul? Knowing the object of your affection is oblivious to your love? I think it would be heart breaking, in a different way.

Sarah Raplee said...

Judith, you are right in that the balance found in a healthy relationship is missing

Diana, You are right - it would be heartbreaking in a different way.

Thanks for stopping by!