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Thursday, March 26, 2015



I can't believe how quickly the time has passed since Sarah and Judith invited me to be part of RTG. There have been so many interesting and memorable posts.

My 3 novel collection, The Loves We Left Behind, published by Books We Love, also commemorates a birthday, the centenary of World War 1. Unlike the happy anniversary celebrations for RTG, the centenary of World War 1, perhaps the costliest war in history with regards to casualties, was a tragic event, but nevertheless, it deserves to be remembered. The men who sacrificed their lives and health, the army nurses who cared for the wounded and the brave women who waited at home for their menfolk to return. They deserve to be remembered, revered even.

Special Centenary Edition containing three novels depicting three different women who triumph over tragedy during the 1st world War.

A hundred years ago, from the far flung corners of the British Empire, young men rushed to fight for Mother England. They left their wives and sweethearts behind. Many of these brave women waited in vain for their men folk to return. How did they cope with the loss and heartache? Could they ever hope to find happiness with another man? Three full novels, each telling a brave young woman’s story of triumph over tragedy and adversity. Allison’s War, Daring Masquerade and Lauren’s Dilemma.
Allison’s War:
In 1916, on the French battlefields, a dying soldier’s confession has the power to ruin the woman he loves.

Daring Masquerade:
Harriet Martin masquerades as a boy so she can work with her shell-shocked brother, falling in love with her boss wasn’t part of the plan.

Lauren’s Dilemma:
Lauren Cunningham, carrying the out-of-wedlock child of a soldier, marries another man who is unjustly tried for murder. To save his life, will she publicly admit her sin, and risk the diabolical consequences that will surely follow?

Available in print and e-book formats.


1 comment:

Judith Ashley said...

Hi Margaret,
Your dedication to telling the stories on Australians in WWI is inspiring. I read "Daring Masquerade" and loved 'Harry'. To have all three books out now as one is a real gift.

Will you be going to the Centenarian Anniversary in France this year?