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Friday, April 3, 2015

I Hope You Read This!

It is Thursday night, April 2, and I've not written my post for Friday. I've lots of ideas about the monthly topic "Hope" but my mind is scattered and for some reason not bringing things together in a very coherent manner.

As I was scrolling through the television channels just before I turned it off (yes, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to check things out and then press the "off" button but that's something I often do.

I saw the Monica Lewinsky was on Ted Talk. Now I've probably watched fewer than a half dozen Ted Talks---ever but this caught my eye.

And I watched Ms. Lewinsky talk about public humiliation and public shaming and how it has become a big business with the advent of social media, etc. I was shocked when she quoted research that showed that the emotional impact of humiliation is stronger than anger much less a positive emotion.

While our topic this month is "Hope", I encourage you to listen/watch her Ted Talk on Compassion. In fact I hope you listen to it because she makes excellent points and clarifies for me what some of my reluctance is in being "out there" on the internet.

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