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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Random Blog Post (or writing last minute when you're jet-lagged)

Welcome everyone! I’m Terri Molina and I write Tex-Mex romantic suspense.

First, let me apologize to Sarah and Judith for getting my post up so last minute. In my defense the day crept up on me when my back was turned. I’ve been out of town since May first attending a wedding in San Antonio for my niece and then again three days later in my hometown of Port Arthur for my cousin then it was off to Dallas for the Romantic Times Convention. I just got home Tuesday and still feeling a bit jet-lagged---although I drove so that would be car-lagged---- so forgive me if this post is a bit random. :)

We had a terrific time in Texas, because it’s where I’m from so I got to see a lot of family. For the first wedding my daughter made the groom’s cake, which came out wonderfully. (of course she had a bit of help with the decorating, but the cake she made from scratch). 

Anyway, our theme this month is “Summer Reads” and after attending RT I have a whole new pile of books to read. That’s one of the perks to attending a writing conference...the free books! And, finding new authors to read. So, my summer is set, provided I can find time to read.

I don’t know how many books I came home with, a majority of them were given out at the various workshops so I didn’t exactly choose them all-- which means I probably won’t want to read them all.  Actually, I plan to send most of them to my aunt. She loves to read and to be honest, there are a few books I’m not really interested in reading. Not that they aren’t worth reading, but I’m a bit picky. I don’t look at just the cover...although I’m not all that into the whole naked men/women on the covers. The first thing I look at with a new book, or any book, is the back cover blurb. It has to be really intriguing for me to want to spend my time in the story. I’m a pretty fast reader so if a book takes me more than three days to read, I won’t recommend it to anyone else.

So, what about you? Are you a cover first book chooser or back cover blurb chooser?


Sarah Raplee said...

it can take a few days to recover from traveling, Terri. No worries.

I have to like the back cover blurb, although I'll pick up a book with a great cover to read that blurb. I also pick up books with intriguing titles and read the blurbs. So I'm mostly a Blurb-chooser.

Enjoyed your post.

Paty Jager said...

Hi Terri, Congrats on all the weddings! Hope RT was fun for you. If a cover catches my eye, then I'll take a look at the blurb, unless it's an author who was recommended then I go straight for the blurb. Like you I have little time to read for pleasure. I mostly read for research. So if a book can keep my interest through the first three chapters I'll usually finish it, but if I can't get engaged by then, I'm on to another book.

Judith Ashley said...

I'm catching up on reading my TBR pile both in print and on my KOBO. While I do check out a book because of its cover I'm more likely to pass a book over because of its cover. I don't read dark stories and because I have enough problems in this world, I really don't read out-of-this world set books either.

However, I do love historicals from just about any time period...if they are done well which means the author did their homework.

I do think one can have a great cover and the people have their clothes on.

The back cover blurb is important if I don't know the author otherwise, I just see the name and pick it up without reading anything. That has only been a disappointment to me once and I don't think reading the back cover would have made any difference.