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Saturday, July 4, 2015

An Author Downunder

Happy Fourth of July to all my American friends. I hope you have a safe and happy holiday.

Our Australia Day, 26th January, is similar to your Fourth of July. We do have scattered celebrations around the country for those Americans living downunder. These are not on the scale of the US celebrations but help our American friends to feel a little less homesick.

My name, as most of you know, is Susan Horsnell and I write Western Romance under my own name. I write Erotic Romance under my pen name - Lacey Roberts.

Let me tell you why an Australian gal writes stories set in Texas USA in the 19th Century:

I grew up incredibly close to my Dad who was a Cowboy and Indians fan. I remember fondly how we would watch every John Wayne, Audie Murphy, Gregory Peck, and any other Western actors movies, together. We would 'discuss' - insert argue, the stupid things the outlaws did and how the Cowboys, Marshalls and Sheriffs always won. The Indians, apart from Custer's Last Stand, were always on the receiving end of a loss no matter what they did. I was young and idealistic so I always barracked for the Indians, hoping against hope, they would win at least one fight. My love of the Wild West was instilled in me at a very young age and Dad nurtured it.

My fascination led me to begin writing fictional stories while still in high school. I was an excellent English student, loved to read and wanted to create tales that people just might enjoy. After I left school, Nursing was my priority quickly followed by marriage and children. Writing was shelved.

Five years ago I retired and the scripts again saw the light of day. Our sons were grown up and married with families of their own, we moved to sunny Queensland and I finally had the time to develop my ideas. I thought about writing about Rural Australia but she didn't have the Cowboys,
Indians and Marshalls the Wild West had. These were the topics close to my heart and which I loved so - The Glenmore's Series was born: a family of four siblings, 3 sons and 1 daughter, facing numerous obstacles to survive and thrive. The series has Cowboys, Indians (friendly), the cruellest of outlaws and love - lots of love. Although I write fiction, I do include some facts and I have also drawn on some of my own experiences such as the care of a newly blinded child as in Blind Acceptance.

I have been humbled by being awarded two Crowned Heart Awards for Excellence, a Rone nomination in 2014 and a Rone Finalist in 2015, a Finalist in the Laramie Awards for Western Fiction in 2015. Not bad for an Aussie writing Westerns. I have been mildly successful in the US but have yet to crack the UK and Australian markets. I did know when I began writing this genre, it would be for a specific audience. I am thrilled that people actually read and enjoy my stories.

My Erotic Romance has been more widely received and Taming Gemma was Runner-Up in the Predators and Editors Readers Choice Awards earlier this year.
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Judith Ashley said...

Your story is a testament as to how our early experiences do last a life and can circle around showing up in a whole different way. Thanks for sharing your journey with us, Sue.

Diana McCollum said...

I enjoyed reading about your journey. Do you research a lot when writing your cowboy series? Good luck on sales.