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Monday, September 14, 2015

Say it with Flowers!

By: Marcia King-Gamble


This month in honor of my new release, Islands Apart, we are celebrating all things Hawaiian. My novella,  Islands Apart is set in beautiful Honolulu, where I once lived eons ago.


As an island girl I feel highly qualified to say that Hawaii has some of the most beautiful flora in the world. You're probably  most familiar with  Plumeria,  known as the lei flower.  Plumeria and Franchipani are actually the same flower and used in making traditional leis.  In addition to being pretty,  they have the most awesome smell. They also come in an assortment of colors like white, yellow, pink and red. Here's a pic of one of the leis sent to a winner at my recent launch party. 

And here’s our own blog queen, Judith Ashley  after getting leied. Judith won this lei at The Generista’s fourth anniversary Facebook party. Doesn't she look stunning?

Here's Franchipani or Plumeria from another angle.  This is the Franchipani tree growing poolside. While lovely to look at, and aromatic as they come, there are challenges. I've got to fish these flowers out of my pool each day and that's no fun!

Another lovely Hawaiian flower, and a  favorite, is the orchid. I’ll take orchids over roses any day. My collection is growing and when the bloom is off, I grow them outdoors. My secret - I do absolutely nothing to them except to twine them around the trunks of palm trees , amazingly they blossom.

Here’s a pic of one of the orchids growing in my backyard.

There’s a scene in Islands Apart where my hero, Caden comes to take my  heroine, Livvy to dinner and an orchid plays a part in the budding romance. Below you can find an excerpt from the scene.

“You’re throwing me to the wolves,” Livvy wailed, even as Mal pushed her out the door.
Somehow she managed to make it to the lobby without breaking her ankle.
 Caden waited, arms behind his back, in front of one of the overstuffed couches, looking so handsome that. Livvy’s breath hitched in her throat. He was wearing a jacket with a white polo shirt underneath and pressed jeans. He tucked an orchid behind her ear, making her feel like Diana Ross in Mahogany, the old movie about Billie Holiday; except Billie wore gardenias. 
 Livvy was  swept into Caden’s arms and kissed soundly on the mouth.
“Lady, you take my breath away. I can’t wait to show you off,” he said, whisking her toward the valet.

Another exotic flower is the hibiscus. In Hawaii they grow in abundance and are used even as hedges. The colors are unusual and no luau would ever be complete without the requisite hula girl with the flower tucked behind her ear. Isn't this sweet little girl just the cutest?

Of course, no woman’s life is ever complete until she receives an exotic Hawaiian bouquet.  These flowers last forever, and as my sexy hero, Caden knows,  what better way to apologize  to the one you love,  than to say it with flowers. 

Another excerpt from Islands Apart:

“Someone likes you. They’re beautiful,” the pretty Polynesian woman at the concierge desk said, when Livvy went off to claim her delivery.  The attendant struggled under the burden of an oversized arrangement consisted of trailing orchids, birds of paradise and anthuriums. “I can have the flowers sent up.”
Please let it not be from Thorne.   
With some trepidation, Livvy opened the accompanying card and read the message. Her cheeks heated up and her heart jumped.
I owe you and  Bryan a huge apology. Will you have dinner with me tonight?
I miss you,


 I hope this teaser makes you download a copy of Islands Apart. Be sure to enjoy the beautiful scenery and smell the flowers, and hopefully the storyline will keep you hooked.


Here's a Blue Hawaii to keep you reading!

Romantically Yours!



Judith Ashley said...

I'm envious of your "green thumb" with orchids. I think they are a beautiful flower but I can kill them faster than any other plant. Even when I think I'm neglecting them, they still die.

Thanks for the Blue Hawaii! It looks delicious!!!


Diana McCollum said...

Cheers, with my Blue Hawaii! Loved the pictures especially Judith and her Lei. My Dad was an airline pilot and I can remember the first Lei he brought home from Hawaii for my Mom. We were living in San Mateo, CA and I was in fourth grade. I came home from school and there on the table was a Plumeria Lei laying on a kitchen plate with some water. It smelled so good, I couldn't believe flowers could smell that good. I drew a picture of it at school the next day. Since then, I've lived on Guam and passed through Hawaii many times. I love the flowers from there. My husband and I went to the Botanical Garden in Honolulu once and were amazed at all the different flowers that grow in the Islands. Great Post!

Marcia King-Gamble said...

Thanks Diana and Judith. Believe it or not I have a brown thumb but for some reason orchids do well with me.

Diana, I love leis and will frequently send them in lieu of the traditional flower arrangement. They just seem so much more special.

Pippa Jay said...

I love orchids! My mother-in-law grows them, but I daren't - all my houseplants die very quickly, so I don't have any at all any more. >_<

Marcia King-Gamble said...

I love orchids too, Pippa. The weather in my area is perfect for growing orchids so that helps!