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Friday, October 2, 2015

Another view of Magic

There is magic and there is magick and while this month’s topic is “Magic”, I want to stray from the general consensus of what that word means when most people see it regardless of spelling.

The day before I wrote this I spent a magical couple of hours with my baby great granddaughter. At three and a half months, she is taking stock of the world around her, smiling, and beginning to “talk”. She has a delightful laugh. Even though I worked in adoptions for thirty years, I still see the developmental process from the ‘blobby baby stage’ to adult magical.

Later that same day I happened to look out my kitchen window at the Armistead salvia along my driveway in time to see a hummingbird stop by to visit. I find hummingbirds a magical bird and I can’t remember a time when I’ve seen one in person that I haven’t stopped and smiled.

The day I did write this post, I was thinking of someone and my phone rang. Yep, it was the person I was thinking about.

When I see my books on e-retailer sites or on the shelves in brick and mortar book stores, that is a magical experience.

I did that! I wrote them and worked to learn the software to get them out to the public.

What’s even more magical is seeing them sell!!!

A friend of mine once asked me how I can live so simply. I was confused but she went on to talk about my commitment to recycling in particular. We talked about how we each see the world. She is a devout Christian who sees God as separate from her but who she has taken into her heart.

I see the Divine in everything and everyone around me. So I’m aware of my footprint on the earth. I pay attention to the cycle of the moon and seasons. In comparison to many, I trod heavily. For example I do drive a car but I do plan my errands so I only go out a couple of times a week.

Because of my interpretation of the word “magic” I include such things as “synchronicity” and in addition to blogging here, I also post every Monday on my Judith Ashley blog “Intentions and Synchronicities”.

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Sarah Raplee said...

I, too, find the things you mentioned magical, Judith. If we are open to possibilities and pay attention, we experience magic every day. There is so much we have to learn about the Universe! If we see ourselves as a part of something bigger, and as having the power and the purpose to make the world a better place, and we act upon that knowledge, magic happens.

Judith Ashley said...

I totally agree, Sarah. Wrote and scheduled this before the news of water on Mars!!! Now that's also magical in my way of looking at The Universe.

Diana McCollum said...

I so agree with both Sarah and Judith on magick being all around us. And the universe! Who can't look at all the stars and plants in the sky and not think of the magick that is the universe? And water on Mars, that's just incredible. It still gets me teary eyed, thinking about the tiny seeds I plant and the big beautiful flowers that come from those tiny seeds!!
Great post!

Judith Ashley said...

Thanks, Diana! And because you and your husband do plant those seeds you have a beautiful garden as a result...at least that's what I hear and see from you photos.

Lynn Lovegreen said...

Great post, Judith. You're right--magic is all around us.

Tammy Palmer said...

Great post Judith. My only religion is nature, and yet, I see the magic in the world every day. Like you, I choose a lifestyle that does less harm to the earth, and still I worry that I don't do nearly enough.

Judith Ashley said...

Lynn and Tammy, So glad you stopped by and left a comment. On days when violence seems especially daunting, it is healing for me to see the magic and kindness in the world around me.