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Saturday, October 24, 2015

SHIFTERS! by Cathryn Cade

I wish I could recall the first shifter romance I read. The idea, if not the story, left an indelible impression on me—all the lethal power and grace of a big predator, rolled into one being with a sexy man. I’ve since read and enjoyed many more.

I believe shifter romance is so popular because so much of our real lives are out of our control.
Partners hurt us, ignore us and leave us. They don’t want the children we crave, or refuse to accept their responsibility for assisting in their creation. They decide another, younger woman is more attractive.

Or they love us to pieces, but things happen that they can’t protect us from, even if they wanted to. The world is a frightening place, and we live it waiting for the next crisis to happen. Part of being human, of being a woman, is being a caregiver … and hoping we receive at least a little in return.
And real men aren’t perfect. Love my manly man so much, but he reads hunting magazines and watches football instead of binging on Netflix seasons with me … and he thinks I have too many shoes. I know, right? There is no such thing.

But if an alpha predator fixes on us—come to Papa! Suddenly we are a mate, desired above all other women with a force that borders on obsession. To protect us, he’ll take on multiple other scary beings, and kill if he must. He’ll provide his lair as our new home, surround us with his wealth, and of course desperately want the children we produce. He’ll go alpha-bossy on us, but only so he can give us what we really want and need. And yes, he hunts, but he doesn’t read magazines about it and leave them all over our cute living room.

Nice, if a girl can get it.

Which is why I love to read shifter romance, and why I began writing them.

I also love Halloween—you should see my collection of old-fashioned Halloween decor. So when I decided to write the Halloween romance that’s been rattling around in my head for a while, the hero is … what else? A shifter!

However, he’s not the big, apex predator kind of cat. He doesn’t need to be, not when he can zap opponents with a spell whenever he chooses. He’s a wizard—and since a big cat can’t be running around modern day Sunnyvale, Oregon, his alius magickus is a black tom cat.

Yes, here I delved into another facet of shifter-ness. We all cuddle up with our pets for comfort, reassurance and love. And we talk to them, at least I do. My golden retriever has heard many a tale of woe and aggravation.

Soooo … what if, when you confide in your newly adopted cat that you have a huge crush on your new neighbor, you’re actually talking to the sexy wizard himself? And how embarrassing will it be later, when you realize exactly what secret wishes you poured into his furry ears? Oops.

Touch Not the Cat; a Sexy Halloween Romance by Cathryn Cade.
It will take a Halloween intervention of the furriest kind to get this unlikely pair together.

Egan Warburton can have any woman he wants—so of course this eligible wizard will choose a witch to share his new home. But why can’t he keep his eyes off his pretty neighbor? She’s too innocent for the likes of him … although she does love cats, especially Warlock, his own alter-ego. In either form, he can’t seem to resist playing naughty tricks to get her attention.

Too bad she’s a mortal with no idea his magickal realm even exists.

Paige Turner is the first to admit she’s as vanilla as they come—youth librarian, good neighbor and kind to cats, even black ones. But in her dreams, she’s a femme fatale who’s not afraid to shake off her bonds of caution and go after what she really wants ... such as her mysterious new neighbor, who is suddenly starring in her most erotic fantasies.

Too bad he’s also the most obnoxious man she’s ever met.

What’s your favorite shifter romance?

I love Cherise Sinclair’s Hour of the Lion & Winter of the Wolf, Rebecca Zanetti’s Consumed, Jennifer Ashley’s wonderful Shifters Unbound series.

How about a favorite Halloween read? If you need some delish new romance that’s spooky around the edges, join me in The Romance Zone @ Night Owl Reviews FREE Online Magazine.

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Judith Ashley said...

I'm not a reader of shifter stories, romance or otherwise but "Touch Not The Cat" is intriguing! There's always a first time for everything!

Sarah Raplee said...

Shifter tomcat wizard + librarian = a great Romantic Comedy!

Can't wait to read this!

Courtney Pierce said...

Gotta love a character named Paige Turner! I'm laughing already. This might just require your manly man to put aside the remote.

Sarah Raplee said...

OMG! You are so right, Courtney!

Diana McCollum said...

Paige Turner and a librarian! Ha, love it! Touch Not the Cat is on my TBR list. Great blog post.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks you wrote about yourself, miss former librarian. :) No wonder it's been rattling around in your head. The plot looks wonderful and fun and I love the cover--both cute and suggestive at the same time. Can't wait to delve into it.