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Tuesday, November 24, 2015


 I am thankful my husband is on track for a complete recovery, although it will take six months to a year. I am thankful for his strength, his sense of humor and for painkillers. Lots and lots of painkillers..
I am thankful that, three weeks after major surgery, he is clear-headed enough to be concerned that I take care of myself. Which reminds me, I am very thankful to have time to pee again, and to have only two sleep interruptions to administer medication each night, and to have time to take the occasional shower.
I am thankful for a visit from grandchildren, and for Cribbage, and Words with Friends, and pets, and anything else that brings a smile to his face when I know he's in pain.
I am thankful my son can help with his father’s business, and that my daughter and her husband visit often and help with chores i can't do. Also for the anonymous kind neighbor who brings the trash can up the hill from the main road on trash day.
I am thankful I sprained my foot a week ago. I could have broken it. Dodged a bullet there!

I am thankful for the lovely view from our windows, our cheery fireplace and the perfect pumpkin pie recipe.
I am thankful for all the prayers and positive thoughts and healing energy that friends and family have sent/are sending to my husband. Also for family and friends who check on us and cheer us up via cards, texts or phone calls. And for my fellow Blog Queen, who has shouldered the entire workload for three weeks.
I am thankful for my sister, a long-term caregiver, who supports me and shares her wisdom with me. 
I am thankful my daughter-in-law offered to spend the night before Thanksgiving with us so she can cook the turkey in the morning and help prepare for company. And for paper plates, of course.
Most of all, I am thankful I can be my husband's caregiver.
~Sarah Raplee


Judith Ashley said...

Your post reminds me that some of my best times were when I sat in a hospital, nursing home or adult care home room and held the hand of someone I cared about or when I spent days at my parents' home when my dad was so ill.

There is a gift in being a care giver.

And, I'm thankful you are my fellow Blog Queen! I'll catch up the sidebar today!!!

Sarah Raplee said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day, Judith!