07-21-18 Patricia Sargeant

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Ever have one of “those” years? ;)

In this case, “those” means the monsoon of change was gathering speed; but in 2014, we had no idea what was coming.


In 2014, our lives were floating along, as were those of our four adult children. Calm before the storm, if you will. Then in November, our eldest daughter texted me a picture of a sonogram.

Their first child when she’s 36? We’ll be grandparents?

Our official grandparenthood arrived on June 6th, weighing in at 8 pounds, 6 ounces. I have to confess, he’s a pretty cute dude. #Gammie&LoloRock

In February 2015, our 28-year-old youngest -- frustrated by teaching common core math, parents with no control over their kids, and a salary so low she couldn’t even buy a condo -- decided to chuck teaching middle-school in central Phoenix.

Instead, she signed a two-year contract to teach 6th-grade math and science to English-speaking kids at an International School. In Shanghai, China. #SeeYouatChristmas

In July, our only son (who turns 30 this month) proposed to the love of his life: a 36-year-old divorcee with two awesome kids. What? Three grandkids, now?

The wedding is set for December 27th in the backyard of a friend. (Phoenix, remember?) #PleaseDon’tRain

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens opens December 18th. Daughter returns from Shanghai for the holidays on December 19th and will attend the film after a brief nap. Yes, we pre-bought tickets at a theater with assigned seats. #NoWaitingInLinesForMe #YouKnowYouWishYouDidThatToo

In between all of this, I wrote a trilogy of three novels between June and November, all releasing in January 2016. #ILoveNaNoWriMo #CampNanoWriMoKicksButt

And last of all, this is my final post for Romancing the Genres. After five years I’ve said all that I have to say for now. Doesn’t mean I won’t be back on occasion for guest posts, though. You never know when I might pop up again.

Goodbye and God bless! #ThanksForHavingMe


Judith Ashley said...


Your 2015 has been Full of many blessings!!! You left out you are the president of Desert Rose and have been doing an awesome job at that!!!

We will miss you and look forward to your returning to guest with us from time to time.


Sarah Raplee said...

Wow! What a year it's been for you! Congratulations on becoming a grandparent 3 times in one year! Being a grandparent is sooo fun! Enjoy!

Thank you for all you've contributed to RTG over the years! And for your service to Desert Rose. You inspire me!

Diane Burton said...

Wow, Kris, this HAS been a year for you. You will love being a grandparent. You know the saying about being a grandparent is so much fun, you would have had grandkids first? True! Congrats on the upcoming releases. Best wishes for a fun, exciting, successful 2016.

Madelle Morgan said...

My friends lives have never been the same after grandkids arrived due to babysitting. Suddenly they weren't available Friday and Saturday nights! Congratulations and good luck with all your endeavors.