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Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Hi, I'm Sarah Raplee, author of Paranormal and Steampunk Romance.

For years my husband jokingly claimed there were only three items on his Bucket List. “Before I die, I want to:
  1. see a ghost
  2. encounter a Sasquatch, and 
  3. be abducted by aliens.”

A great Bucket List for me, an author or Paranormal Romance! Right?
Frenchglen Hotel

Believe it or not, we stayed at Oregon’s reportedly-haunted Hotel at Frenchglen, Oregon couple of years ago, and he got to cross “see a ghost” off his list. The experience was not what he’d expected. He thought he’d be cool and nonchalant if he ever saw a ghost, but he was scared to death – even though he told me it was the ghost of a little old lady speaking a foreign language and smiling as she patted the bed. (I didn’t see her, but I heard her walking back and forth around the bed. Gotta admit, that was creepy!)

I suggested he may want to re-evaluate items two and three in light of this experience. After all, we live in one of the counties with the most reported Sasquatch sightings in the United States. “Watch what you wish for!” I say.

I’m adventurous, but of a more practical nature. I love trying new things or exploring new areas. I’m not claustrophobic or afraid of heights or a particular animal (although I have a healthy respect for Things That Can Hurt/Kill Me), and this propensity to seek out new experiences with an open mind has made life interesting.

“You never know what life will bring” is tattooed on my soul. Life surprises me all the time. I’m lucky to have an adventurous husband to share it with. 

Who knew we would live in eight different states, explore caves, hunt ghosts (not at the hotel – totally different time and place), hike a hundred miles of rugged, mountainous (and sometimes snowy) terrain, catch snakes, attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans, chase black bears away from a campsite, care for baby osprey, raise a big family, travel to Europe and Canada, sail across the Columbia River Bar into the Graveyard of the Pacific on a small boat, help an archeologist on several digs, raise chickens, mine geodes - the list goes on and on and is far from finished at this point. I plan to be around for a couple more decades.

Which means there are plenty of adventures in my future, even without a Bucket List. Who knows? Maybe we will encounter a Sasquatch and be abducted by aliens – although I’d rather just admire the flying saucer from a safe distance. 

What about you? ~Sarah

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Judith Ashley said...

While I do believe there is life in The Universe other than here on Earth, I've no desire to be abducted by aliens or see a Sasquatch. I totally agree that Life bring new adventures and challenges that provide me with interesting events and ideas to explore. Right now, it is keeping me pretty busy!

Sarah Raplee said...

Ah, a kindred spirit! No great surprise there, my friend. Thanks you for stopping by.

Paty Jager said...

Great post! You are an adventurer! What wonderful fodder for your paranormal books.

Diana McCollum said...

I could use some of your adventuresome life right now. My ex husband always said he'd go if aliens came to earth and asked him to. Every time he mentioned this, our kids would get so upset! Aliens I have no desire to meet up with. However, I'd love to see a Sasquatch and I believe I have encountered a ghost in an old house we visited. I guess what your blog is saying, is all of life is your Bucket List!

Naomi Baltuck said...

Really interesting post, Sarah! I've never encountered a ghost, and I never hope to. But my sister seems to be more sensitive, and she had a "visitation" in the 1912 cabin she renovated in Alaska for her studio. Thanks for sharing! Good luck with the rest of your list!

Maggie Lynch said...

It certainly sounds like you have had a wonderfully adventurous life. I love your attitude about embracing all the adventures and opportunities.

Like Judith, I also believe there is other life in the universe. However, I don't value being abducted by anyone--human or otherwise--or anything. However, if asked--ever so politely--if I'd like to tour their spaceship and learn about their culture, I would jump at the chance. :) I don't believe there is a Sasquatch, so no desire to see one. As for ghosts, I'm on the fence about their existence and not sure if I would freak out if I actually saw one. My closest encounters with ghosts have been on the Haunted House ride at Disneyland. :)