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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

My Favorite Place(s)... Some of the Time

By Robin Weaver

When I first attempted to identify “my favorite place,” I sat on my couch, snuggled under a blanket watching the snow fall. For a brief moment—that was truly my favorite place.
Let me clarify.  I live in one of those Southern states where even the mention of snow sends us into a Chicken Little it’s-not-a-snowfall-it’s-a-falling-sky-panic. All was not dire, though.  All  falling sky events immediately prompt a cancellation of work. Yep. Favorite Place identified.

Only… What if the power went out? How could I have a favorite place with no internet? Ye, gods! And shouldn’t a favorite place include Bon Jovi music? Preferably a private concert? Now we’re talking.

Since my brain quickly leaped from an actual favorite place to the realms of fantasy, I decided my most-beloved location should include a hunky guy under my blanket? With big shoulders and... a sense of humor, and... mesmerizing eyes, and...

Then I came back to the reality. I had no groceries in case the sky really did fall! Yikes.  Thus I sent my darling daughter on a grocery run. Perhaps I should mention that my daughter’s favorite place is anywhere there’s an abundance of salsa.  See what she acquired for our "we’ll never be able to leave the house again, 'falling sky'" weekend.  

Sigh.  And I thought I’d been quite specific about needing bread. And  coffee.

My idea of a favorite place was rapidly disintegrating. Which made me realize how a favorite place is highly dependent upon your mood. And who you’re with. And a host of other factors. For example, I love the beach, but not in Charleston on a 102 degree day. Nor when the temperature hovers near freezing. I also love the mountains, but not if my motion-sickness soul has to travel there via a back seat, sans Dramamine.

But I’m sure I’m taking this theme of favorite place to the wrong—well, place. Thus I’ll attempt to rein in my renegade brain and focus on some actual favorites.  I loved Switzerland. And sitting in a deck chair watching the tide come in beneath a full moon was pretty terrific.  But the hospital where my daughter was born ranks as one of those magical places, too.

So my favorite place? Please don’t ask this schizo-writer a question like that.  At least not before I find some bread. And coffee.


Judith Ashley said...

Fun post, Robin! I'm so with you on the shifting 'favorite place'. I think I live in a world where the answer "It depends" takes care of virtually any question!

Linda Lovely said...

Robin, I LOVE your post--and your sense of humor. Yes, I'm with you about favorite place. It all depends... Thanks for the laughs.

Paty Jager said...

I agree, favorite place is determined by many things and where you are at in life. Fun post!

Sandy said...

Ha ha, I love what your daughter bought for emergency rations. But--no chocolate? Honey, you didn't raise her right.

Robin Weaver, Author said...

Hey Sandy, If you look CLOSELY, there's a huge Hershey bar--of which I didn't get a bite! lol

Sarah Raplee said...

I agree totally that coffee and chocolate must be available for a place to qualify as "favorite.!

Diana McCollum said...

Loved your post! I think favorite places do depend on where you are in life.

Camille said...

Loved this read! I definitely agree with your perspective of "favorite place". Your sense of humor was a great break from my day!

Unknown said...

Great post. I also love a rainy day when the fat drops play a nice musical melody on the roof but not stormy enough to have to hide in the bathtub with a mattress over my head.