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Friday, February 19, 2016

My Favourite Place Is...

...bed. Mmm. Cuddly pillows, memory foam mattress. A nice thick duvet this time of year wrapped in a soft cotton cover that I can burrow under and shut out the world. Wonderful....zzzz...

(not me, BTW. Or my bed)
Whut?! Oh, sorry, must have drifted off there. Hmm, yes, I like my bed. Long lazy lay-ins at the weekend, when I can daydream about my next book. But not very convenient. Would you believe I have to get up to change the DVD or get coffee? How outrageous is that? And not very interesting to you, right?

Okay, let's think again. My favourite place is...the summer house. Yes! Sitting in the summer house with my laptop while dappled sunlight falls across the porch, birds singing in the trees, flowers and greenery everywhere, and the contented sound of my bantam chooks foraging around the undergrowth. In summer nothing beats it. Except...

...the beach. Oh! The beach! Bright blue skies and pale golden sand stretching forever, The rush of the sea and its changing colours - sometimes blue, sometimes grey, sometimes green, or even brown when storm and tide have churned up the sands into the water - and the wonderful sounds of the waves with their tips white with foam or sparkling in the sun sweeping across the sand.

But...there's usually other people. And children. And speedboats and bikes whizzing around on the water. Lots and lots of other noises over the sound of the sea. Stray footballs getting too close for comfort, the one family that decides to pitch right up in front of you blocking your view of the sea and your kids playing there, the rubbish left by the family the day before, or the nasty surprise left by a fisherman.

Yes, this really is me and I really
did find this left on the beach

Sigh. Maybe it's no surprise that one of my stories features such a beach on an isolated tropical island where my two main characters can enjoy the solitude. Now if only I could go there.

So, I still haven't answered the question. If none of those suit then my favourite place is...inside a book. Of course! I have over three hundred on my Kindle and Kobo, and in a household with three voracious readers and two keen readers, even more in print on various bookshelves around the house. In fact, sometimes I even think we might have too many books (but only for a second!). Yes, with all those books I have hundreds of places to go to. But how do I choose just one? I can't. I'd like to visit them all. But are any of them my favourite?

Let's think about this again. Where is my favourite place?

Light bulb! Yes. That's it! My favourite place to be is inside my very own head. There, I can go anywhere in time and space that I want to, and it can be anything I want it to be. Yay!

Oh, but I can't take you there or share it with you. I'm afraid all you would find inside my head is a load of gloopy grey matter. Darn.

No. Wait. I can take you there! All you need to do is go to my website at I can even provide no-cost transportation to two of the places inside my head because The Bones of the Sea and Tales from the SFR Brigade are both completely free to download. And bonus because Tales is an anthology of eight out of this world scifi romances, so you get to visit worlds created by seven other authors as well. Are you ready to go have an adventure?

Good. Sorted! ^-^

I'm Pippa Jay, author of scifi and the supernatural with a romantic soul, and I hope you've enjoyed the tour of my favourite places. Now tell me yours. :)


Judith Ashley said...

Pippa, This post is a peek inside your head. What a wonderful place it is. But books? That's an inspired answer. But I also love the bed and daydreaming and the beach - although other people, garbage, etc. certainly does detract.

Diana McCollum said...

GREAT POST, Pippa!!! I think there are just too many great places to pick just one. A book, cup of tea and a cozy blanket on the couch is great in the winter. Love your books!

Sarah Raplee said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your post, Pippa! The peek inside your thoughts was super-fun, like exploring a secret magical path I stumbled over in my own mundane neighborhood!

Thank you for the free books!

Madelle Morgan said...

Pippa, I think a trip through your brain would be awesome. You are so creative and fun! Maybe that's an idea for a future blog post. ;)


Pippa Jay said...

Thanks all! ^-^