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Monday, February 8, 2016

People to See and Places to go!

Places to go! People to See! 

By: Marcia King-Gamble

Thanks to several years spent in the travel industry with airlines and cruise lines, there are way too many favorite places to mention. The ones I have mentioned hold special memories for me, and even now the travel bug  bites.

Those following my posts know I was fortunate enough to join the late, great Pan Am right out of college. I flew for two years then went into management.  It was a young woman’s dream being able to get on and off  planes and see sights I could never afford on my own. Travel has been the best finishing school ever.  It taught me about, food, wine and different cultures. To this day most of my disposable income goes to the mandatory trip or two.

Top of my favorite list is New Zealand, but that’s already been done by the very fortunate author, Bronwen Evans, who happens to live there.  It truly is a special place, and while it’s been a few years, I still recall the gorgeous water views, the exotic landscaping,  and the charming Tudor homes.  I would move there in a Northeast minute. The restaurants in Auckland serve the best New Zealand lamb I’ve ever had and it’s not uncommon for a total stranger to visit your table as you're dining. No agenda,  they just want to say  “hi.” 

Hong Kong is another city high on my list. It’s a magical place with a lot going on.  It’s the fashion capital of the world and the place you can still pick up some reasonably priced pearls and custom tailored clothing . An evening out on the town is a memorable experience. I’ve heard some of the most talented rock and R&B bands there.  Restaurants cater to every mood and palate.   But that’s not all Hong Kong offers, if you’re looking to spend a day of sun, fun and relaxation, there are several beaches to choose from on both Hong Kong and Kowloon. No one should miss the sunset harbor cruise


As you can tell,  I'm a huge fan of Asia. Another favorite city is Bangkok. There are some really cool hotels there, and if you're into being pampered this is the place to be. Spend a half a day at a spa for a massage, pedicure, manicure, and hot oil treatment, all for a fraction of what you would pay in the USA. 

One of my favorite purchases is still a brass noodle vendor stand.  Back then they were $15.00,  not so any more, but still reasonable. The piece makes for a unique place to hold soaps, shampoos or wash cloths, though some friends have turned them into mini-bars.

Venice is another wonderful treasure and a place you shouldn’t miss. It is perhaps one of the most romantic cities in the world and the most mysterious. The hotels are expensive, but the food is mouthwatering good.  

If you’re  an adventurous sort and don’t mind taking a 20 minute Vaporetto ride, then go to Lido where less expensive hotels are. Lido was once known for its famous brothels.  It’s a beach community with charming villas where you can stay without breaking the bank.

Near and dear to my heart is the island I was born on – St. Vincent.  I always knew it was beautiful and a special place, but now having visited most of the world, I have come to appreciate it even more. My island paradise (all of 150 sq. miles,) has so much to offer. No wonder the Grenadines (owned by the mainland) have become the “It place” for so many of the rich and famous. 

Here’s where Kate Middleton and Prince William stay when visiting Mustique.

To sum up, there are  many more beautiful places waiting to be explored, but in the interest of time , I will save them for another day. Here  in the USA my go to place is the Jersey Shore which is the setting of my  recent book... Monmouth Beach,  New Jersey rocks! 

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Judith Ashley said...

Oh my, Marcia! I knew you traveled a lot. I think I'll check in with you if I get back to traveling again. I know, if you've been there, you'll know just the places to check out.

Marcia King-Gamble said...


I am always happy to share travel tidbits. Call on me any time.

Sarah Raplee said...

My dad was a career pilot for Pan Am. He and my Mom lived in Hong Kong for a year and a half back in the 1970s. They had an amazing time there.

I've always wanted to visit New Zealand and Norway. Go figure! I know the more I travel, the more wonderful places I discover. Your books make me want to travel even more!

Marcia King-Gamble said...

Ah, Sarah I knew we had more than a few things in common. Norway is on my list this year!

Madelle Morgan said...

Marcia, thanks for the tips on some of the places you've visited. I had no idea Hong Kong had beaches, or that Lido was a more affordable place to stay when (not if) I visit Venice.

What wonderful adventures you've had! Great post!


Diana McCollum said...

Since Sarah and I are sisters, I can say my Father was a Pan Am pilot. I always enjoyed the things he'd bring us from around the world. The first Lei he brought my Mom from Hawaii smelled up our home with the aromatic scent. I have a fan from Japan and I use to have a Kangaroo with a pouch and a baby he brought me from Australia. I love all your pictures and your exciting travels. Some day...