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Saturday, March 12, 2016

doughnuts, coffee, and Saturday morning

I hope you are enjoying your Saturday… I know I am with a cup of raspberry white chocolate coffee and bacon maple doughnut. Let me take a minute to introduce myself… or my alter-ego – Tasarla Romaney.  Tasarla writes hi-fantasy for young adults (although many adults liked my Night of the Gryphon series – which is no longer available BUT will be soon). 

 While I enjoy writing murder and splash of hot steamy sex, the lure of hi-fantasy was too strong to ignore…to develop a world where the only limit is your imagination…is like extra bacon on my doughnut J.

Here is a ‘sneak peek’ at my new hi-fantasy. It’s a tale of good vs evil…with magic…with dragons…with shades…with man-eating cute hairballs…AND a super kick-butt female heroine and a bad bad ass female evil sorceress. 
Beware... it may look cute and cuddly BUT it lives off human flesh

Silence filled the throne room as Kacela dragged the corpse toward the king. Several guards made slight movements toward her out of habit until common sense took over and they froze in place. While the guardsmen who stood in the room where an elite group of flawless skill fighters none were a match for the huntress.

“You go too far, Kacela,” the king’s words were slurred and wine stained his beard as well as the front of royal robe. “This is a celebration of my impending marriage.”

A tall slender woman stepped from tapestry of royal hounds bringing down a stag. “Maybe it’s the barbarians’ idea of an engagement gift.” The future queen, Elea wore a long silk blood red gown with fine gold thread embroidered into elaborated designs of her craft. The high neckline and long sleeves concealed the tattoos Kacela knew covered her body marking her as a high powered sorceress.

“Another of my huntsmen has been murdered,” Kacela dropped mangled body in front of the king. 

“The evil plaguing the woods spreads.” She shifted her gaze to the sorceress. “It’s being fed.”

A cruel smile curved Elea’s thin lips, she placed a hand on the king’s shoulder. “Rumors. Nothing more. Ones that no doubt, you’ve created to cover up the fact your clan has become weak. No longer able to protect to the woods and our kingdom. I shall be happy to send in hunters of my own.” She waved a hand a tattoo of viper, mouth open wide, blood dripping from it’s fangs, covered the back of it. “Come remove this scum. Both of them.”

Five men appeared. They shimmered in the sunlight filtered through the color glass of the west windows. The room suddenly reeked of rotten flesh. Shades.

“This evil is no match for me.” Kacela pulled the curved sword from its resting place along her back. The blade pounded to perfection by the best craftsmen in the kingdom then given to the shaman of her clan. He’d spent four days and three nights casting spells and painting symbols on it before the elders presented it to her on her first hunt eight years ago.

The shades seemed to pause. A faint hissing vibrated through the air, Elea commanding her vile warriors.


Diana McCollum said...

Lyncee, I love your name! The excerpt from your story is very intense! Wishing you many sales. Wish I had a maple doughnut!!

Sarah Raplee said...

Hi Lyncee/Tasarla, I agree that creating a whole world from one's imagination is thrilling and fun. Love the man-eating furballs!

Judith Ashley said...

Oh my, should have waited to read this post in the morning instead of just before going to bed!!!

Maggie Lynch said...

Just from your intro "raspberry white chocolate coffee and bacon maple doughnut" I knew you were a woman with imagination. I must admit I can't imagine putting all those flavors together. I'm sure I would explode. :)

I love fantasy that deals with good vs evil--particularly if you play with those concepts so they aren't so black and white. Interested to see where this story goes.