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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

HERO DOGS by Sarah Raplee

Hi, I'm Sarah Raplee, Paranormal Romantic Suspense author and lifelong animal lover! Animals, mostly dogs, show up as characters in nearly all of my stories. I decided to honor 3 Canine Heroes by sharing their amazing tales with you. At the end of my post, find out how YOU CAN VOTE for the winner of the 
2016 American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards!

ASPCA 2015 Dog of the Year
A golden retriever Guide Dog named Figo was honored for his courage and loyalty in the face of danger. He literally threw himself in front of a bus to protect his mistress. They don't teach that in Guide Dog Training! Check out his You Tube Video.

‘Bad Dog’ Destined to Spend Life in Shelter Catches 150 African Wildlife Poachers in Two Years  Ruger  wasn't 'bad to the bone' after all! He's Zambia's first anti-poaching dog. Learn more by clicking on the Good News Network link below!


War Dog: British Army's Canine Hero
Brin, a stray (and an Afghan breed called Koochee Tiger), saved the lives of two British soldiers and later survived being captured by the Taliban. Click on the Telegraph link below to find out how he contributes to the common good in his new life in the UK!

Want a chance to vote for the 2016 winner of The American Humane Association HERO DOG AWARDS???  
Voting opens at 12pm Pacific Time on March 23rd!!!
Go to http://herodogawards.org/ to learn more
and to cast your vote!


Judith Ashley said...

They are all so worthy! Thanks for sharing these remarkable four legged hero stories!

Sarah Raplee said...

You're welcome, Judith.

Lynn Lovegreen said...

Very cool, Sarah!