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Monday, April 4, 2016

Chocolate, Caramel, What's Your Food Vice? by Paty Jager #MondayBlogs #Mystery #Romance

What's your vice? The one food you can't go without for more than a day or even hours?

Mine is chocolate. I have to have a cup of hot chocolate in the morning like most people drink coffee. I rarely drink it any other time of the day, but it's my kick start to the day. If it isn't available- none in hotel rooms or when I visit my mother-in-law, I take packets with me. That's how bad I need my morning cup of chocolate.

My chocolate addiction doesn't stop with a cup in the morning. I have a dish of Dove chocolate that sits on my desk. When I write, chocolate is my brain booster. If I hit a difficult spot in a story or am thinking, I pop a chocolate and "poof" my brain magically connects the thoughts. LOL I wish! I mostly chomp on the chocolate when I'm stuck. Not sure if it helps the brain but it makes me feel better. ;)

Shandra Higheagle the potter and female protagonist in my Shandra Higheagle Books has a vice as well. It's caramel milk shakes. When she's stressed, she goes to Ruthie's Diner and orders a caramel shake. When she's happy, she orders a caramel shake. When she's the suspect in a murder, she orders a caramel milkshake. When she's focusing on who the killer could be, she orders a caramel milkshake. You get the drift-- Shandra's caramel milks shake is my chocolate.

I wish I were my fictional character. She doesn't worry about the calories all those shakes have. I, on the other hand, have to make sure if I eat a lot of chocolate, I walk or watch the other foods I eat that day. 

The fifth book in the Shandra Higheagle Mystery series just released. Here is a peek at the blurb and Shandra craving a caramel milk shake.

Killer Descent
Book five in the Shandra Higheagle Mysteries

Once again Shandra Higheagle finds herself a suspect in a murder investigation when an ex-lover is found murdered on a Huckleberry ski run. A past she’d planned to never divulge now must be shared with the first man she’s trusted, Detective Ryan Greer. 

Ryan puts his job in jeopardy when he’s booted from the case and uses all resources plus a few extra to prove Shandra is innocent. The information leads them down a road of blackmail and betrayal of the ugliest kind.

“Ryan and I are headed to town. You need anything?” She leaned on the corral gate. Apple nickered and walked over, snuffling her, looking for treats. “Hey girl. We need to go for a ride even if it’s short. I bet you’re getting corral fever.”
“I don’t need anything but the truth.” Lil wandered over to the gate. She patted Apple’s neck and peered at Shandra. “What was all that talk them cops were saying about tapes and such?”
Shandra forgot she’d told the woman she’d catch her up on the situation. With Ryan around she didn’t visit as much with Lil. When there was just the two of them out here, they talked more.
“My past. There is a time I’m not proud of. I don’t have time to go into detail, but I thought a man loved me—”
“That dead professor?”
“Yes. He wooed me and I fell. I was innocent and looking for acceptance from—”
“Your stepfather or a male figure like him.”
“Yes. Anyway, he abused me until I found the strength to get away. I’ve found out he did that to many young women. It turns out he was videotaping the women with him while he humiliated them in bed.”
Lil held up a hand. “I don’t need to hear any more. Is that why those cops think you killed the professor?”
“Yes. But I was never blackmailed. I didn’t know anything about the tapes until the woman who came here with Carl mentioned them in the diner.” Shandra thought about that. The woman had said that loudly, to make sure others heard it. She was trying to make sure even Shandra’s friends had reason to believe she’d killed Carl.
“I have to go. Ryan’s waiting for me.” She spun from the gate.
Shandra pivoted back to the corral.
“I don’t think much of cops, but Ryan will help you find the real killer.”
That was high praise for a man Lil had disliked from the first because he was a policeman. “Thanks. I know he will.”
Shandra hurried around the side of the barn and straight for the house. If she cleaned up fast enough, they could go to the lodge, find the woman, and have lunch at Ruthie’s diner. She was craving a caramel shake.

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 Award-winning author Paty Jager and her husband raise alfalfa hay in rural eastern Oregon. She not only writes the western lifestyle, she lives it. All Paty’s work has Western or Native American elements in them along with hints of humor and engaging characters. Her penchant for research takes her on side trips that eventually turn into yet another story.

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Paty Jager said...

After checking out the blog today I decided I'd be remiss if I didn't send one person who comments a bag of Dove Chocolate and a book. So, comment away and I'll pick a winner on Wednesday.

Susan P said...

Oh man, chocolate and a book?! ;) Funny about hot chocolate as your morning coffee! I do need chocolate. I'm addicted to the stuff. I get twitchy and ornery if I don't have some for a day or two. I also love my books and lattes. Seriously, what is better than a book and coffee? Well, a book, coffee and chocolate. Now THAT is heaven. :)

Sarah Raplee said...

Chocolate is my vice aswell. I love caramels,but can't eat them anymore due to a milk intolerance. I have to stick to dark chocolate and make sure there's no milk in it.
One of my sons is a lemon fanatic! Didnt like chocolate until he was in his teens. He can take it or leave it. Lemon cake, lemon cookies - he can't resist.

Great excerpt paty!

Paty Jager said...

LOL Susan P. I'm the same way when I don't have chocolate for a day or two. Like when we're visiting people. Thanks for commenting. Your name is in the drawing., Good luck!

Sarah, I have a daughter and son-in-law who aren't fans of chocolate. My go to Dove chocolate are dark and the mint/dark swirl. Glad you liked the excerpt. Your name goes in the drawing as well.

ElaineCharton said...

Chocolate is my choice. I have ti have a little every day. I need coffee in the morning but sometimes will had chocolate to it. I have found that if I have trouble sleeping a cup of hot chocolate, especially with marshmallow seems to do the trick. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Paty Jager said...

LOL Elaine! I don't think I could sleep if I had marshmallows in my hot chocolate at night. That's too much sugar for me. But you know, what works for one may not work for another. Thanks for stopping in an commenting. Your name is in the drawing!

Lynn Lovegreen said...

Great post, Paty. I treat myself to dark chocolate or buy some special tea when I make a deadline or other milestone.

Author Lizbeth Selvig's character in the romance The Rancher and the Rock Star makes a decadent hot chocolate that is as rich as a melted chocolate bar. :-)

Sara Schwab said...

Yummy there's nothing better then reading and eating chocolate would love this

Paty Jager said...

Hi Lynn! Thanks! I think we all need to treat ourselves as much as possible. Yum! That hot chocolate sounds lovely. Thanks for commenting! You're in the drawing.

Hi Sara, I agree! Your name is in the drawing. Thanks for commenting!

Paty Jager said...

Sara Schwab is the winner!!! Sara email me at: to give me your address and let me know which book you would like with your chocolate!