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Monday, May 30, 2016

Michelle Monkou's Recap of Outlander, Season 2, Episode 8

Outlander Season Two, Episode Eight - The Fox's Lair
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Welcome back, the familiar faces of Jamie's sister--Jenny--and his BFF and her husband--Ian. Good to see Murtagh who had to leave his French dalliance and head to Scotland before Jamie and Claire's hurried departure. Thank goodness little Fergus popped back on the home scene. Their kindness to him earned them a supporter for life. (I did wonder how could they leave him in Paris after his trauma.). As the episode opens, we've fast forwarded through the daily routine of life at Broch Tuarach (the family estate) where Claire and Jamie have settled among extended family.

Scotland soothes their souls.

But as we know, the Jacobite Rebellion isn't going away and the elaborate machinations in Paris to derail it didn't go as planned. Now Jamie is pulled in to step up and commit due to his forged signature on the list of supporters -- a guaranteed one-way ticket to conviction as a traitor to England and its king. Jamie who turns into the optimist buoyed by Claire's constant and mostly successful tinkering with history wants to fight and beat the English.

(Courtesy of Sony Pictures Television)
The couple head out to meet with Jamie's odious grandfather for his support. But these days a simple trip is never simple and could have unintended consequences as Colum MacKenzie is also an unexpected visitor.

Claire gets a good dose of clan politics, a view of the movers and shakers, along with a reluctant invitation, but muted participation of the proceedings. When the plans appear to go south, Claire's quick thinking and a whole lot of brash come to the rescue. Once again the reputation of the white witch/lady works to her benefit with an exaggerated, silly performance of her witchy powers.

And we would never have guessed that Laoghaire who makes her act of contrition on her knees to Claire would be a key element to turn the plan into a success. Of course, this young woman hasn't really gotten Jamie out of her system. Sigh. By the end of the hour, we see the various characters take their positions around the unfolding drama of clan politics, loyalty, fealty, and with the Jacobite cause.

Overall, this episode was the pause to catch the breath after last week's emotionally-laden events.

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