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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Michelle Monkou's Recap of Outlander, Season 2, Episode 5

Outlander Season Two, Episode Five - Untimely Resurrection
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Last week ended with a brawl at a dinner party. For some, that's the norm after a few drinks and trading lots of trash talk. But for Jamie and Claire, the fallout for such behavior carries bigger consequences as we see with the arrest of Jamie, Murtagh and the rest of the brawling party guests.

This episode is all about life lived with dual purposes. We have Jamie, the Scot, who'd burst onto the scene with his Highlander sensibilities and attitude to Jamie, the gentleman-merchant, on the fringe of Parisian Court society, secretly wheeling and dealing with a secret group during nightly visits at a brothel. In season two, we see Jamie exuding maturity and self-awareness with his cocky smirk and shrewd gaze. As they say, "he's in it to win it." Whatever "it" is because Claire is the one leading this plan of action.

As we see with Claire, she is also living the double life with Jamie in her arms and Frank on her mind. Debate is unfolding on social media about whether Claire is in love with both husbands or only Jamie. No one it seems considers that she is only in love with Frank, while Jamie is a temporary, when in Rome...kind of hook up. But guilt has this woman wrapped up in knots. It's a feeling that only she knows and understands for what is at stake if she doesn't prevent or allow certain things to happen.

Courtesy of Sony Television Pictures
As Claire takes on goddess qualities of earthly manipulations, Jamie, on the other hand, is grounded with what's in front of him. Now that he's emerged from his personal darkness with Claire's help, he has his priorities: he loves his wife. He's protective of his unborn bairn. He wants Jack Randall dead. He'll work to thwart the Jacobite rebellion.

When Black Jack re-enters the stage in slow motion, no less, Jamie's priorities scramble and collide as the obvious rearrangement occurs almost instantly. How can you not be excited for the fireworks about to occur. Who didn't love seeing Black Jack humiliated by the French king. And what a scene stealer Lionel Lingelser is with his wonderful acting of the spoiled brat, King Louis XV. Love every facial expression and every movement of his body to portray this pampered idiot.

But back to Black Jack. He makes you hold your breath for what is to come from that evil mind. And in order to stop a duel, as called by Jamie, Claire has Black Jack thrown into the Bastille under false charges. Talk about stirring up a hornet's nest. Now she's got two men angry with her and her penchant for impulsive mad saves that don't quite work.

Meanwhile Jamie and Claire have an intense argument, as the chance to kill Black Jack is aborted under Claire's headstrong demands for him to move that priority out to a year. For Frank. And Jamie does, but his anger is on full boil. Who can blame him?

Frank's existence or Jamie's honor.

Share with me what you thought of Season 2, episode five. While you’re compiling your thoughts, I asked LaShaunda Hoffman, writer and writer advocate with a digital magazine and her nonfiction - Building Online Relationships--One Reader At A Time.

Between the King of France and the wanna-be King of England, these two examples don't help the cause for a monarchy. What are your thoughts about these two men and the fortunate advantage of a birthright to the throne? 

LaShaunda: Both are spoiled little men who I honestly don’t believe they should be running a city let alone a country.  One can’t even use the bathroom without an audience.  The other is in love with a woman who won’t acknowledge she’s pregnant by him.  These two are perfect examples of why your birthright doesn’t mean you have mind to run a country.

As portrayed, do you believe that Claire has put herself in Jamie's shoes or is she too keen on preserving parts of the future (as we witness her manipulation of Alex and Mary)? Was her demand a sign of her heart still torn between two husbands? 

LaShaunda: I don’t believe her heart is torn, but I do believe if she changes the future too much, it could mean she would never meet Jamie, therefore changing her present.  I don’t think she wants to risk changing her future too much because she doesn’t know what the results will be.

What about Outlander makes it a must-watch for you? 

LaShaunda: My Jamie as I call Jamie Fraser is why I watch Outlander. I watched the first season of Outlander and I fell in love with Jamie.  He was the hero, I dreamed of writing about come to life.  His character makes me want to be a better writer.  I’ve always been a big fan of historical romances and had heard about Outlander years ago,  However, I never got the chance to read the series.  I started reading the series because I wanted to know what happen to my Jamie.

I love the show has a little something for everyone, drama, action and lots of romance.  It’s the reason I started a FaceBook Page dedicated to historical series.  I wanted to talk to others who loved historical books and TV shows.  We like to come in and chat about the latest episodes.

I want to thank Michelle, for asking me to be a guest. It was a pleasure to talk about one of my favorite shows.  I’ve have enjoyed Michelle’s recaps of the series.  I’m hoping the series is able to do the complete book series, so my Jamie will be on for a few more years and Michelle can continue her recaps.

You have a digital magazine. You are a marketing coach to writers, you host an annual digital writing I missing any other passions that you pursue?

LaShaunda: My main passion is writing.  I’ve dreamed of being a published author since I was sixteen.  Last year I published my first book, Building Online Relationships – One Reader At A Time.  I call it a promotion plan in a book.  It helps writers or business owners set up a promotion plan to start building online relationships.  I’m currently working on my first fiction book, hopefully to be released this year.

Author Bio:

LaShaunda C. Hoffman took her love for books and successfully created Shades of Romance Magazine, an award winning online publication for readers and writers of multi-cultural literature. Her mission in life is to introduce as many books as she can to new readers.

She published her first book, last year, Building Online Relationships – One Reader At A Time a book about how to use promotion to build relationships and started a coaching business – Virtual Tea With LaShaunda to help writers learn how to be consistent with their promotion by creating an action plan to reach new readers. 

LaShaunda is a veteran of the United States Navy and a happily-married mother of three who believes in dreams and working hard to achieve them.

Connect with her on the net at –

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Sarah Raplee said...

Evil Incarnate is back, and Claire is playing with fire trying to orchestrate the future. Stressful, much?

LaShaunda, I'm with you about Jamie Frasier! He's the ideal hero.

Your book on making connections via social media is one I need. I'm off to buy!

LaShaunda said...


Thanks for your comment and support. Love me some Jamie. He makes you want to write a super hero.

Send me an email -lchwriter when you get the book for a free virtual tea session. I'd love to help you get started with your promotion.

Sarah Raplee said...

Thank you, LaShaunda! That's very generous. I'll read your book and then drop you an email.