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Monday, June 27, 2016

Michelle Monkou's Recap of Outlander, Season 2, Episode 12

Outlander Season Two, Episode Twelve - Hail Mary
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Rewriting history is a nerve-wracking and tedious affair. Not only must Claire and Jamie worry about their roles and actions as they try to reset world events, but they must worry about other major players who can also tilt the balance. This constant state of affairs drives Jamie's strategy when handling the prince and when Jamie's desire to march on and fight the Redcoats.

But his plans never materialize for that pesky prince who either wants to go headlong into battle with a weary, underfed army or doesn't have a sense of direction when it matters. And so, Jamie and his men must retreat to fight another day.

In the meantime, Claire runs into Mary who is not thrilled to see her. Remember when Claire talked Alex into leaving Mary during her stint in Paris? Well, Alex turns up with consumption, but well enough to tell Mary about Claire's advice. Learning that Alex is ill, Claire tries to make amends with an offer to help Alex and simultaneously apologize to him.

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And so Claire is in the middle of tending to Alex when - holy moly - Jack Randall appears. He's equally surprised, while she is more horrified. I couldn't stop laughing because the man was like a bad rash that keeps popping up at a bad time. Mary and Alex gush over Johnny's kindness and generosity. Claire decides to get the heck out of the room, but Jack chases after her to ask her to look after his brother. Always shrewd and seizing opportunities, Claire extracts the necessary information about the British army's location before she'd agree to help Alex.

On the other hand, Jamie faces a surprise visit from Colum. And he's sure that his uncle is there on business regarding the Jacobite cause. However, Colum is clearly ailing and in much pain from his debilitating disease. And Colum has come to request from Claire assistance to ease his transition into the afterlife.  I must admit to being surprised that Claire did help him and not go on her soapbox for political correctness sake.  Colum's visit and tying up of loose ends before he passes on allows for the big reveal that Gaelis and Dougal's baby is alive and well.
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Once Jamie learns of Jack's appearance, he finds it difficult to let Claire be alone in that man's presence. Murtagh who makes one ferocious bodyguard will accompany her as she tends to Alex. But there is no nursing Alex back to health. He is dying. Something that Jack Randall can't accept. But his head is about to spin when he hears his brother's dying request for him to marry Mary so that she and the baby can inherit his property, her widow's pension, if necessary, and (remember he will be Frank's ancestor). He vehemently refuses and with good cause as he reveals his fear
 that his inner monster may not be tamed enough for Mary.

But in the sweetest gesture and sincerity, Murtagh volunteers to wed Mary. And Claire can't allow him to do that because of Frank's existence. Although now she knows the truth about Frank's lineage and he wasn't descended from such a vile creature. Before Alex dies, he is able to witness Mary's future secured with marriage at his bedside. And in great Jack fashion, he takes out his frustration and grief with a fit of punches on Alex's dead body. It was the perfect reminder to let us never forget what Jack is.

But this emotional episode isn't over because Colum is still taking care of his personal business by giving Jamie the enviable position as guardian of his son (remember Dougal's the biological father) until he's old enough to take over as the laird. A position that Dougal wants and makes no bones about his disappointment that Jamie, a Mackenzie shall be the surrogate father of a Fraser. But Colum doesn't back down. And in a heartbreaking scene - the kind that would be sent in for nomination consideration - Dougal is there with Colum in his final moments, but he misses telling him how he feels from the heart. Truly a beautiful scene between an often rancorous relationship between brothers.

Share with me what you thought of Season 2, episode 12. While you’re compiling your thoughts, I asked K. M. Jackson, author of Romancing The Fashionista to share her thoughts of Outlander and tell us about her latest releases. 

The secondary male characters ruled the day. With regard to Dougal - is he the big loser with all that will occur in the Mackenzie family affairs (including Geillis’s baby)? Did you feel sorry for him?

KM: Having not read the Outlander books (am I committing an Outlander sin here? Please don't throw tomatoes) I don’t know if Dougal is the biggest loser since if Claire turns out to be right in her predictions and they are not successful in their quest then none of them will come out on top. But I will say with this past episode for the first time I felt a surprising bit of sympathy for Dougal as the second son. He showed a tender side and love for his brother that was heartbreaking and relatable. Though he is not a typical hero his convictions are strong and he’s loyal to his clan. With Dougal, I feel whether you like it or not, you know where you stand. That’s respectable.
Jack Randall - a walking man with a death sentence because Claire shar
ed the info. Did you feel for his pain or empathize with his reluctance?

KM: Oh Jack. Though I can’t look away from him, I live to hate him. He’s a man I just can’t feel sorry for and the more Claire does to stay in his path, the more I get annoyed with her. Try as I might I could not feel the same pain for his loss as I did for Dougal. Jack feels like a different kind of monster to me. A man completely into feeding his own appetites, who cares not for his fellow man, yet alone his brother. There is nothing respectable or relatable for me when it comes to Jack.

That Jack is a super villain.

So now tell us about your current release and the one on the horizon.

KM: My current release is a flirty novella from Samhain called Romancing The Fashionista. Here is a bit about it: When fate offers a second chance, only a fool waits for the other shoe to drop. The Flirty Fashionistas, Book 1

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When Nolan lost his chance at the big leagues, he signed on with Doctors Without Borders and never looked back. Now he’s back home to help out his ailing father. Running into Mel at his fifteen-year high school reunion rekindles old feelings he thought he’d buried for good. 

Intrigued by Nolan’s irresistibly sexy profile, Melinda heads to the reunion with her best friend to see if the picture matches up to the man. Their instant attraction flares brighter than the Manhattan skyline. 

Although the tough fashionista and accomplished ex-jock rub each other the very right way, a few stumbling blocks will decide if the heat between them is a symptom of forever love, or a past that should be left where it belongs.

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KM: And coming in October of this year I’m thrilled to be in a holiday anthology from Kensington Publishing with two incredible bestselling authors: Donna Hill and Farrah Rochon. It’s a dream come true! My contribution is called From Here To Serenity. Here is a little about Holiday Temptation and From Here To Serenity which is available for pre-order now.

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Thanks so much again for having me, Michelle. Happy Outlanding! 

To stay updated with K.M. Jackson, visit her website.

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