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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Setting the Stage for "Hunting Outlander"

One way to get to know a country is to read books set in that country from historical fiction, through historical romance and into contemporary times. Because Romancing The Genres is gearing up to host Hunting Outlander, a Facebook Event, we are taking a few days before the actual "hunt" begins to set the mood.

RTG's Outlander STARZ Hunting Outlander Facebook Event starts Tuesday, July 5th and ends Wednesday, July 13th. Winners will be announced Friday, July 15th. Details are available here.

In addition, you'll have the opportunity to share who your favorite Scottish Hottie is, including pictures.

Starting July 5 through July 10, two questions about Michelle Monkou's reviews of the STARZ network's second season of Outlander will be posted on the Event site. Links to the episode's review will be included.

The last question will be posted on July 11, the day of Michele's review of the last episode of Season Two. Again, you can read details here.

Today, however, is about setting the stage by talking about books set in Scotland.

In February 2015, Romancing The Genres Celebrated romance authors whose books were set in Scotland.

We were excited to host

Collette Cameron

 Amanda Forester

Claire Delacroix

Amanda Scott.

Genre-istas were also featured in the Windtree Press anthology, The Gifts of Christmas.

Maggie Lynch's "The Hogmaney Stranger" is a favorite from that collection.

By using the "search" feature on our blog (type in Scotland) you'll get eighteen or so posts that have something related to Scotland included. It could be about a trip to Scotland, a character who has Scottish ancestry or books set in that country.

This is in no way an exhaustive list!!!

Please add your favorite Scottish Romance author's name, favorite book set in Scotland, and if it is PG-13 or lower heat level, include a link to website.

Of course you can always go to your favorite e-book distributor and search for Scottish Romance or Scottish Historical Romance.

Tomorrow we continue our adventure in Scotland.

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