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Saturday, August 13, 2016


With over thirty books under my belt, I struggle to find plots that are new and different. There are only twenty plots in the world and I’ve probably written every one of them. As an author you have to start looking outside the box for ways to keep the writing fresh and interesting to not only your readers, but yourself.

A close friend of mine, S. E. Smith, who writes science fiction and is very successful, was asked by Amazon to invite other authors to write in her world. I don’t have a science fiction following, but she asked me if I would be interested and I jumped at the opportunity. I’ve always wanted to write about funny witches and then I threw in an alien in her crazy Magic, New Mexico.

Yes, this western historical/contemporary author was stepping out of her well worn box and writing about stuff she has very little knowledge of. Space…that final frontier. My husband had to describe to me how there is no wind in space. I’d never thought about it before, but I needed my poor little witch to have motion sickness. She’s a broom riding witch who gets nauseous.

What came out is a book that I absolutely love. I agreed to write this short novella in January and then in February, my life sort of fell apart. My loving, funny, 84 year old father became ill and I spent a lot of time with him and my mother until he eventually passed away.

This book, which is supposed to be humorous, was written in the hospital, while I sat with my father. If it had been typed on paper, there would have been places stained by teardrops. In the end, it’s become one of my favorite stories simply because I know the emotional place I was at while writing this story. And yes, it did come out funny—not sad. But the story also reflects the importance of family, no matter what planet you’re from.

Am I going to write more witches and aliens? You bet I am and I’m clearing my author calendar to start a new one in October. Hopefully, I will have two new stories written by the end of the year. But if you love sassy, funny stories, then you’ll enjoy Touch of Decadence.


Judith Ashley said...

I'm always amazed at the gifts and blessings that come from just being with those we love at the end. So glad you found a story about sassy witches and aliens during yours. Fun concept, btw.

Sarah Raplee said...

You had me at witches and aliens!

Diana McCollum said...

Sounds like a great story!

Trish Wilkinson said...

Good for you for refreshing your writing spirit at such tender time. Best of luck on your new venture.