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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Summer End Blues...

Where Did The Summer Go?

I started back at the crazy day job this week. It seemed like just yesterday, I skipped out of the doors, like the students had a couple weeks prior, my head filled with grand ideas of painting rooms and counter tops, spending countless hours at the beach, reading awesome books, and sleeping in past 5 am.

This summer set all kinds of records for humidity… not great painting weather, I’d still be waiting for quick dry paint to set. As a person with serve asthma, the humidity is NOT my friend. Add a case of pneumonia and it’s safe to say that I returned to the crazy day job with my most of my to-do list still in-tact.

I did accomplish most of my writing goals and I did sleep past 5 am – 3 times actually....and it was drug induced sleep but hey...

I always fill my summer to-do list to the point wonder woman wouldn’t be able to complete it. Without the crazy day job sucking 50 hours out of my week, I feel I should be able to do70 hours worth of ‘stuff’. Yes, I know it doesn’t make sense. But yet I do it year after year.
The one thing that has changed is my willingness to prioritize and know deep down all of it isn’t going to happen. However, it’s still slightly disheartening to go back to work without fresh painted walls and counter tops, I did go back thinking I rocked this summer as far as my writing went.

One thing I always make time to do is catch a couple of the movies that are shown at the beach just a mile from my house....

My word of the year is ‘reinvent’. My goals all relate to ‘reinventing’ myself….in my writing, personally as far as weeding out the drains in my life, financially, etc. It’s through these goals I look at my summer and reflect. Sure, I could have done better but I did good.

Painting was NO where on my ‘reinventing’ goals, it was my ‘want’ goals. In the past I’ve struggled to separate goals from those that move me forward and those I just want. Now the walls and counter will need to be painted. I realize this but I also know I’ll find time.

Are you a goal master? Or do you ever struggle with goal setting? Separating the forward goals from the want goals?

Enjoy the rest of the summer everyone!


Judith Ashley said...

Good for you, Lyncee! It is life changing to sort through our lives and refocus where we want to go and who we want to become. So glad you have reinvented your writing self! and your summer writing life was productive!!!

Sarah Raplee said...

Congratulations on your writing accomplishments this summer! I always want to 'bite off more than I can chew' when it comes to goals.I've gotten better about it over the years.

Great post!

Shannon said...

Gorgeous place to watch a movie! Yeah, I had all these ideas this summer as well. We were going to take surf lessons, learn to play the ukulele and learn a language. Instead we ended up with three trips, (not complaining!,) and a lot of Netflix watched. There's always next week!