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Saturday, October 15, 2016

A #Romance Across Time #amwriting #timetravel #scifi

Hi, I'm Pippa Jay, author of scifi and supernatural stories to engage your emotions. And my main romance series includes time travel. Why?
Rocking my Anakin cosplay on the Iron Throne!
Well. While I'm a huge Star Wars fan (and it's the universe I tend to focus on for my cosplay creations), I'm also a life long Whovian. My parents were fans. My earliest memory from Doctor Who is The Planet of the Spiders--the final adventure of Jon Pertwee, the Doctor's third incarnation, and the episode I can possibly pin my spider phobia on! His companion Sarah Jane Smith was my first heroine inspiration.
Me aged 18, with the then 7th Doctor Sylvester McCoy
So perhaps it's not surprising that my debut novel and the main series it started are time travel romances/adventures. Even the book I refer to as my 'Star Wars' story--Gethyon, set about twenty years before my time travel series and sharing some of the same characters as well as the same universe--still has a time travel element to it. While not a romance, my hero accidently catapults himself twenty years back in time to meet a girl he falls for. He comes to learn and hate some of the restrictions this kind of travel carries while being thankful for it as well.

But in my main series I have to deal with how and why they time travel, the limits of their abilities, the benefits and consequences. For example, at one point my heroine has to face an ancient nemesis responsible for the death of her sisters, her home world, and even the powers she considers more of a curse than a blessing. But she can't kill her because it would directly impact the very existence of the hero and cause a paradox. She also can't leave the woman free to cause any further harm. What to do?

There are also things they can't go back and change. Their method of time travel involves a certain amount of focus on a place or person to work. So if someone dies, the knowledge of their death stops anyone from going back to any point in their life before their death and possibly preventing it - a psychological block rather than a physical or temporal one. There are also certain worlds that can only be accessed by special portals - gateways.
So it's a little more complicated than jumping in a TARDIS, though probably just as haphazard. The thing I love most about time travel romance is I can have my characters jump anywhere, any time, exploring alien worlds but also the ups and downs and complexities of time travel, and how even love can cross such barriers between those destined to be together.
Keir's Fall

Want to chat? Find me at my website or blog, but my favourite place to hang out and talk all things geek and scifi romance is as @pippajaygreen on Twitter.


Sarah Raplee said...

I love that your characters time travel on worlds other than earth! What a fresh concept!

Love your writer's voice, too!

Linda Lovely said...

I applaud your ability to keep track of time travel and alternate universe rules as well as your characters and plots. I have enough difficulty in one time period and one place! Congrats.

Judith Ashley said...

What attracts you to sci fi and time travel, Pippa? And will there be a Book Three in
your Redemption series?

Madelle Morgan said...

Time travel is a popular topic of film and TV. Maybe it's because quantum physics researchers are proving the ability (for atomic particles so far) to be in the same place at the same time. Fiction is a safe way to explore the possibilities, so kudos to you, Pippa!

Of course several movies and TV series, including Star Trek have explored time travel. There's a new, 2016 US TV series, filmed in Canada, about time travel called Timeless. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5511582/ which explores the paradoxes.

Pippa Jay said...

Thank you Sarah and Linda!
Judith: Well, I've always been a science nerd so science fiction seemed the logical way to go, although I'll admit I started off reading and writing fantasy as a youngster. Until I saw Star Wars. I just love all the science research I get to do for my stories. As for time travel: I think that's definitely down to Doctor Who, but also because I would personally love to see the future. I'm hoping I might live long enough to see humans step on the surface of Mars. Wouldn't that be amazing? But I love certain time periods from the past as well, like the medieval, and the pre-Roman history of my home town, so time travel lets me research and use those settings for stories. And yes, I promised book three would be out next year.
Thanks Madelle. Goodness knows when Timeless might get over here. I've been a bit wary of watching new SciFi series because there seems to be a habit of them being cancelled after just one series. Another time travel series I loved was Primeval - they filmed the final spin off series of that in Canada too.