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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Medeival Time-Travel Romance by Diane Darcy

You’d like me to write about medieval time-travel romance?

As. You. Wish. (heehee)  

Thank you so much for the invitation to talk about time-travel romance here at Romancing the Genres! I love everything medieval and if you throw in a contemporary character, then this is true love. Do you think this happens every day? (Please tell me I’m not the only one who quotes The Princess Bride on a regular basis?) (*Quotes from The Princess Bride are in italics.) 

Why I write these books, or Murdered by pirates is good!

They’re magical and full of adventure and they always have been! I’ve been reading romance books for years and I love them. The more romantic the better. The more action adventure, the more fabulous! My introduction to time-travel romance was Constance O’Day Flannery, Jude Deveraux, Diana Gabaldon, Lynn Kurland and others. Once introduced to the genre, I searched for more and more books. There were never enough to read as far as I was concerned.  

I’ve always liked books with a bit of a paranormal element to them. I started out writing books that didn’t fit easily into any genre, and when I couldn’t sell them to editors, I eventually tried writing to market. I sent out manuscripts to agents and editors for years. And then one day I’d just sort of had it. I’d been told editors weren’t interested in medieval time travel romance books, but I went to lunch with a friend and told her, I’m done. I’m not going to write books for agents and editors anymore. I’m just going to write what I’d write if I knew I’d never sell a book.  So I sat down and wrote She Owns the Knight. It’s definitely a book straight from my heart.  

Why I chose this genre or Mawage. Mawage is wot bwings us togeder today.

True love. (Twu Wuv ha!) I know that historically, people living in medieval times didn’t bathe very often, probably had rotten teeth, and that women were considered property. But I don’t care. Anyone who reads my books knows I love the type of men who treat women like gold and feel lucky to have them. Of course, that’s true of any book I’ve written, but there’s just something about English Knights and Scottish Warriors, isn’t there? Men who trained to fight to hold what was theirs, and when they find that special girl, he’ll hold tight to her, too. After all, it’s who he is.

 What is difficult about writing in this genre or Boo! Boo! Boo! 

I just can’t please everyone. I’m essentially writing in the fantasy genre but I tend to offend historical purists. I love reading about history, and have fun researching, but I do get reviews that mock my ability to stay true to historical facts even though I’m trying to do so! I try not to let it bother me. I know if a modern girl were dropped into medieval England or Scotland that she wouldn’t understand the spoken English or the Gaelic. And I know that most of the aristocracy spoke French. Still, some readers do seem to mind and I’m suddenly the queen of refuse.

What I love about writing in this genre or have fun stormin’ the castle!

The other day I went to Medieval Times, a jousting tournament in California. It was so cool! Goblets, chess sets, flags, pageantry, armor, swords, daggers, food that could be eaten with our hands! Too fun!

When I’m immersed in writing a medieval time travel romance, it’s the same type of fun. It’s the stuff of fantasy and magic. English Knights, Scottish warriors, castles, sword fighting, damsels in distress and in cool dresses. Big brawny sword fighters and horses. Myth, legend, witches, and history all wrapped up in a sweet romance.  

Anything you think readers might enjoy? 

Here’s an excerpt from my latest book Murdoch. It’s Book 25 in the Ghosts of Culloden Moor series or they’re kissing again! Do we have to read the kissing parts? 

 Kenrick ended the kiss. He looked into her face, his expression astounded. How could this amazing, virile, drop-dead-gorgeous man be astounded by her?
She couldn’t deny she’d started it.  "Wow."
His lips tugged into a slow smile, his earlier shyness completely gone as happiness filled his face. “Wow." Those mobile lips formed the word as if tasting it, testing it.
She’d obviously given him the wrong idea. “Maybe this isn’t such a great plan after all.”
 His smile faded. “The kissing?”
“You staying with me.”
“Ye’re not to worry. I’ll not take advantage of ye.”
 She actually believed him. Or maybe she just really wanted to take him home. She certainly didn’t feel uncomfortable in his presence. But the situation would probably look bad from the outside. She couldn’t imagine what her mama would say.
 “Look, I don’t want to give you the wrong impression.”
“And what impression might that be?”
“All I’m saying is, I’m giving you a place to stay in return for your assistance.” She gave a helpless shrug. “Just don’t expect anything else, all right? I know I kissed you first, but I give you my word, I won’t try anything, either.”
That slow smile again. “Ye’re not to worry, lass. I’ll not hold you to that.”

Thanks again for having me here! ~ Diane Darcy

Diane Darcy is a USA Today bestselling author who loves to read and write lighthearted and funny books. She’s a member of the Heart of the West and RWA. She was a finalist for Romance Writers of America's Golden Heart® Award. She’s written romantic comedies in several different genres—some historical, some contemporary, all lighthearted and fun. She makes her home in Utah with her family and is hard at work on her next book. You can contact her at


Sarah Raplee said...

I agree that light time travel romances are more fantasy than history, and that's fine with me! Readers like me love them and read them for the fun and romance of it all (and those English Lords and Scottish Highlanders!)

What the critics don't understand is that if we're willing to accept time travel in the story, accepting that the modern heroine can understand the language is a nit. We're after romance, adventure and fun!

Linda Lovely said...

I agree. You can't please all readers. But it sounds as if you have the perfect formula for folks who love a romping good story and don't sweat small deviations from historical details. I'm also a big fan of The Princess Bride.

Diane Darcy said...

Thanks, ladies! Time travel romance is so fun, isn't it? And though The Princess Bride isn't technically time travel, I love the contemporary element in it with the grandfather and grandson. So cute! The similar thought process-- or fish out of water feel-- in time travel romance from the characters adds so much to the humor. Thanks for having me here today. =)

Kristin Holt said...

Thanks for sharing your sense of humor, your insights into why readers enjoy time-travel books so much, and a peek inside your books! It's a pleasure having you with us here on Romancing The Genres.
~ Kristin

Pippa Jay said...

I've run into a similar issue with SciFi romance - I like them to be techy and any science consistent but I'm not about to turn all Stephen Hawkins and slam the physics in a work of fiction. I love the medieval period too though I tend to cheat with mine and set them on alien planets so there's no historical context, just parallels. So long as you're happy and you have readers that enjoy your work, that's all that matters.

Diane Darcy said...

Thanks, Kristin! =)

Diane Darcy said...

Pippa, your Stephen H. comment made me laugh! So interesting that you use historical parallels for SciFi. I’d never thought of that before. Hmm. Made me think. Jayne Ann Krentz wrote an article once about how she loved writing supernatural stories but there was no market for it. So she wrote her vampires as contemporary characters instead. But in her head, they were still vampires. Lol! Your comment reminded me of that. Find a way to write what you love into all your stories, no matter the genre. Thanks!

Judith Ashley said...

Thanks for guesting with us at Romancing The Genre, Darcy. At the end of the day, if we write what we want to read and love what we write there are readers out there who will agree with us. So glad you found your audience! Lighthearted and funny books are especially welcomed in my house these days!

Diane Darcy said...

Thanks, Judith! I feel the same way. =)