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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Western Time Travel Romance by Peggy L. Henderson

Thank you so much for inviting me to kick off time travel romance month!  I write western time travel romance as well as strictly western historical romance. What I hear from a lot of readers is that they are hesitant to read time travel books because of the time travel aspect!  If they give my time travels a try, I usually hear that they were pleasantly surprised, which is always nice to hear.

Personally, I love the idea of time travel. Mixing modern mindsets with old- fashioned values can be so much fun, especially when it involves romance. I hadn’t actually read more than one or two time travel romances when I wrote my first book, which combined my love of Yellowstone National Park with the notion of traveling back in time. That book turned into an entire series, and I loved writing the genre so much, I decided to write another time travel series, which combined my love of time travel and my fascination with the old west.

The Second Chances Time Travel Romance Series has had various settings – on a wagon train to Oregon, on a Montana horse ranch, and in modern-day Montana. The idea for a second chances series came about when I considered what it would be like to go back in time (or forward in time) to change something about your life – anything from unfortunate circumstances to bad choices. What if someone granted you the ability to make things right, or to travel down a different path? What if we could have a fresh start? A new beginning? What if it meant leaving everything behind that you've known?

However, that second chance had to come with a price, namely the character had to complete some sort of task in a different time in order to be granted a do-over to straighten out his or her life. Then I threw in some romance to make it even more challenging for the characters, and their decisions would be even harder. What were they willing to do, or give up, for true love?

The series is planned as a set of standalone books, with the common thread being a mysterious character who grants second chances to people who have lost their way. Throughout the series, this character experiences his own character growth as he seeks to understand the motivations of the people he’s been assigned to grant second chances to, especially when it comes to the notion of love and romance. He is known as Reverend Johnson because he appears mostly as a reverend, but could take on just about any role as it suits him to meet the people to whom he grants second chances.

At the moment, there are three books in the series – Come Home to Me, which was a Laramie Award winner in 2014, Ain’t No Angel, and Diamond in the Dust, a RONE finalist and Honorable Mention in time travel romance in 2015.  A fourth book is in the planning stages.

Thank you for reading about my Second Chance Time Travel Romance Series. ~ Peggy

Peggy L Henderson is an award-winning, best-selling western historical and time travel romance author of the Yellowstone Romance Series, Second Chances Time Travel Romance Series, Teton Romance Trilogy, and the Blemished Brides and Wilderness Brides Western Historical Romance Series. When she’s not writing about Yellowstone, the Tetons, or the old west, she’s out hiking the trails, spending time with her family and pets, or catching up on much-needed sleep. She is happily married to her high school sweetheart. Along with her husband and two sons, she makes her home in Southern California. 

Peggy L Henderson
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Diana McCollum said...

Hi, Peggy,

I've never read a time-travel western! I love time-travel stories, and your second chance series sounds like one I'd like. I'll put the first book on my Nook! How interesting to have the character giving out the second chances be in each book. Looking forward to reading that "Come Home to Me".

Sarah Raplee said...

I love Time Travel stories and Western Romance, so I know I'll love your books! Having that ongoing character is an awesome, fresh idea. Way to go!

Peggy Henderson said...

Thank you, Diana. I hope you enjoy. As the series has evolved, readers have been more and more curious about this character, to the point where I've set it up that HE might be in need of his own second chance. So, we'll see...

Peggy Henderson said...

Sarah, that is one of the reasons I meshed the two - I love time travel and western romance. It seemed like a great blend! :D