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Monday, December 19, 2016

The Epic Water Slide That's 2016

by Michelle Monkou

I'm calling 2016 the epic water slide because it was a winding, tumultuous at times, funny, sad, hopeful ride and we still have a few days left for more unexpected gifts from this year.

I started it in January with a wonderful author retreat in Destin. We rented beach houses, ate wonderful food, had a workshop, brainstormed about current and future projects, shopped at nearby stores, and chatted about life and the business of writing.

I did visit Korea where my daughter attended Yonsei University for a year. She had a ball and so did I. Definitely a place I would visit again. Food is fantastic.

Despite a busy year, I did have two book releases. Under the Harlequin Kimani banner  - One To Win  - is part of my Meadows family series. I really enjoyed this story set in the Hamptons. Very emotional and romantic (Available at Amazon and other retail sites)

To Charm A Billionaire is the beginning of my Men in Monaco series. I do love writing tortured heroes who are putting things right in their life to move onward and upward, stronger and better for the journey with a strong woman at their side. (Available at Amazon and other retail sites)

And when I was feeling quite overwhelmed with finishing another project and dealing with the passing of my mother, I received an invitation from a dear friend to attend a charity event with the Washington Capitals hockey team. I had a blast and met most of the team. It was the perfect pick me up for the long haul to finish my project.  

So here's to you, 2016, you've certainly made it memorable. What wonderful memories do you have to share about 2016?

All the best,



Judith Ashley said...

Michelle, The loss of a parent does put things into perspective and that's a mild statement! So glad you have some fun and amazing memories also. My most wonderful memory? That would be plural for me!
Finishing/publishing the last two of the original Sacred Women's Circle series
Watching my granddaughter and her daughter find their Hero
Reclaiming my house and my life - it's just me now!!!
Seeing Romancing The Genres cross the 250K views mark...those would be the top tier. I've made some other amazing memories because 2016, overall, has been a fantastic year!!!

Diana McCollum said...

Michelle, Happy Holidays!

We took a trip to California to meet our youngest grandson, Easton. And then getting to spend time with all the rest of the kids and Grandkids. That was awesome! Spending time on a 4 day trip with my husband in the spring. And the biggest accomplishment/gift was a total recovery from knee surgery. It feels so good to be back at the gym and walking and hiking.

Sarah Raplee said...

At New Year's 2016, we adopted a wonderful little dog from the Oregon Humane Society. Marcus is laid back, loves to cuddle, and does what he's told (mostly.) He's a great companion for the small dog we adopted in 2015, Mac, who is very active, hyper-alert and loves to bark. Marcus is the therapy dog, Mac is the watchdog.

My daughter and her husband, and my granddaughter and her new husband moved onto our property. It's a blessing to have family close!

There are so many blessings I can't list them all!