Thursday, December 29, 2016

Welcome Genre-ista Michelle Somers

Say Hello and Welcome to our newest Genre-ista, Michelle Somers.

Michelle describes herself as a bookworm from way back. An ex-Kiwi who now calls Australia home, she's a professional killer and matchmaker, a storyteller and a romantic.

Words are her power and her passion. Her heroes and heroines always get their happy ever after, but she'll put them through one hell of a journey to get there.

Michelle lives in Melbourne, Australia, with her real life hero and three little heroes in the making.

Her debut novel, Lethal in Love won the Romance Writers of Australia's 2016 Romantic Book of the Year (RuBY) and the 2013 Valerie Parv Award.

She loves hearing from her readers, so please visit her website, or chat with her on twitter, facebook or Instagram.

Look for Michelle's posts on the first Thursday of each month!!!


Judith Ashley said...

Welcome, Michelle!!!

Sarah Raplee said...

Welcome, Michelle. I'm excited to have an Aussie Romance Writer of your caliber join us! You will bring a fresh perspective and new energy to RTG. Awesome!

Shannon said...

Hi Michelle!
Nice to meet you. I find I'm really drawn to Aussie authors. I think it's your energy, it really comes through the stories. :-)

Michelle Somers said...

Thank you Judith!
So happy to be joining the Genre-istas 😊
Michelle xx

Michelle Somers said...

Thank you Sarah!
What a lovely thing to say.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you all better over the coming months.
This looks like a fab group 😊
Michelle xx

Michelle Somers said...

Hi Shannon.
Great to neet you too 😊
Australia is blessed with some truly fabulous authors. I'm so thankful to be counted among them.

I look forward to connecting more in the upcoming months.

Michelle xx

Jan VanEngen said...

Hi Michelle and welcome aboard :)

Unknown said...

Welcome, Michelle. I'm so pleased to have you as a fellow Genre-ista Sista!

Valerie Parv said...

Congrats on your new status. Genre-ista, huh? Might have to think about Minion-istas next. LOL at professional killer and matchmaker. Glad you limit your skills to fiction :-) Happy New Year to you and your fellow Genre-istas.

Michelle Somers said...

Hi Jan

Thank you!

I'm looking forward to getting stuck in and started. Look out for me on the 5th of Jan 😊
Michelle xx

Michelle Somers said...

Thanks Lauren!
Me too!
So glad we'll be Genre-ista sisters together ❤️
Michelle xxx

Michelle Somers said...

Thank you Valerie 😊
Don't you just love fiction? A place with no limits - just love pushing those boundaries 😈
Not sure Minion-istas sounds as good as Minions.

Your minion forever
Michelle xxx