07-14-18 Cassandra O’Leary

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Boycotting Valentine's Day

I have three novellas releasing in February.  Boycotting Valentines is about three friends who decide to boycott Valentine. Myra Carr, owner of Wicked Temptations, a bakery, has decided to celebrate her tenth year of being single on Valentine’s Day by spending the month celebrating holidays that are overshadowed by Valentine’s day and recruits her two best friends to help her. 

The Year of the Heart – Olivia agrees to help Myra plan the Chinese New Years celebration. After her long time boyfriend announced he thinks they should spend the year soul searching and exploring their inner conflicts, she is as against Valentine’s as Myra. Besides the Chinese New Years celebration of her childhood in New York are some of her best memories. Olivia calls a family friend who helped with orchestrating the fireworks during the celebration in New York. As soon as they begin planning things begin to go wrong as if someone is sabotaging their efforts.

The second novella in the series is Walk Like A Llama. The main character is Aimee, a pet shop owner, and co-head person for Love Your Pet celebration. While Amiee knows her friend’s intent is to have these celebrations to remove the focus off Valentine’s and love, Amiee has every intention of using the holiday to try to get closer to the new county vet, Matthew. Olivia and Aven are going to host a pet tea party and Myra is baking special pet treats. So Amiee goes out to Matthew’s animal hospital to invite him to be a part of the celebration and to bed. While she is out there, he receives a call that Jennifer, the owner of an animal sanctuary for animals that were once exotic pets, had a heart attack.

Once out at the sanctuary, a February snow storms traps them. Aimee sees this as an opportunity to seduce Matthew - until she has to help feed the animals. Between the tiger hugs, the monkeys flinging poop, and the llama spitting on her, she’s ready to call it a night. No man is worth getting poop thrown at you.

The third novella is Blood in the Cupcakes – Is focused Myra and the Brazilian Carnival holiday that takes place at the end of February.  Myra is excited to host the Carnival celebration. Her family originally came to the United States from Brazil and much like Olivia, she has fond memories of the Carnival. Her excitement quickly evaporates when she learns her aunt Gabriella is coming up for the celebration. She warns her friends to beware of Gabriella’s eye. If Aunt Gabriella gives them the eye they will have a baby within a year. She explains that her cousins pooled their money to send Gabriella up so they could stop having children.

Myra receives a box and opens it excited to see the decorations her cousins sent her. Instead she finds a man’s head. Myra has her hands full, trying to organize the Carnival, avoid Aunt Gabriella’s eye, figure out who the head belongs to, and not fall in love with the sexy new sheriff.

 What are some of your favorite non-valentine things to do in February?


Sarah Raplee said...

Lyncee, I love romantic comedy! Your stories sound hilarious. Can't wait to read them!

mackyton said...

Last Valentine’s Day I arranged a beautiful party at one of New York Event Venues and my loved ones were invited for it. Got best arranging ideas from one blog post and they really turned out best for me. Everyone liked my efforts.