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Monday, January 30, 2017

The bumpy, long and winding road of a new author.

By A.K. Smith

“I didn’t know what I didn’t know.” It’s true for so many things in life, AND I still don’t know all the things I am about to experience on this new journey. My debut fiction novel, A Deep Thing by A. K. Smith just released, and I’m trying to follow the road signs---which there are many—and figure out my destination. It’s the journey that matters, right?

Up until my debut book being published, my writing expedition consisted of journaling, half-finished novels, and travel writing. My insatiable desire to see the world and touch every continent on Planet Earth led to querying travel magazines, newspaper and travel blogs.

I’ve published over 100 travel articles in various forms: magazines, on-line blogs and currently write a monthly column for an English newspaper published in Mexico and a blog www.wordstravelfilm.com. Sharing travel secrets with the world and exposing off the beaten path destinations excites me; but, the completion of my first novel has been a bucket list voyage I’ve dreamed of beginning. Now that I can hold the printed book in my hand and share it with the world, I wonder where’s the next layover.

What I believe is this: my first book is just a stop to fill up my tank. I learn by doing, and if I hadn't started this journey, I would never have learned (the little I know) about writing, publishing and promoting. My advice to those who are traveling down this road is to understand every trip has bumps along the way and lessons to be discovered. Ask questions, study the craft, learn from others but whatever you do, start the journey. If you’re not sure where to begin, join a writers group, attend a writers conference and follow a writing blog. Surround yourself with like-minded people and ask questions; don’t be afraid to plan the trip, make mistakes, and walk down the road.

If you would like to join in my journey, follow my blog at www.aksmithauthor.com.

A Deep Thing, published by The Wild Rose Press is a contemporary suspense novel with a love story woven throughout the pages. According to Marilyn Baron, author of Stumble Stones: A Novel, “A Deep Thing by A.K. Smith grabs you from the beginning and doesn’t let go. A roller coaster ride of romance, suspense, mystery and intrigue, this page turner surprises at every turn and offers a stunning ending you’ll never suspect.”

A.K. Smith is the author of debut fiction novel, "A Deep Thing" (12-19-2016 from the Wild Rose Press). A.K has lived in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, Arizona and abroad in London and Mexico.

She loves all things jungly, beachy and mysterious. Her mission is to write thrillers, suspense, and romance that have the power to make you stay up late.

A.K. loves seeing the world. Her goal is to step foot on every continent on Planet Earth (maybe even the moon)—she’s slowly getting there.  She treasures her family, friends, and kindness.


Sarah Raplee said...

Thank you for Guesting at RTG! Congratulations on your novel release! May you have sales all over the world!

I enjoyed learning about your writing jouney.

Diana McCollum said...

I love your book cover! Good luck on sales!

AKSmith said...

Thank you!

Lynn Lovegreen said...

Godo advice, A. K.! It's a journey.

Barbara Strickland said...

I found this a good post which got me interested in the book and I checked out the website. I found this a little confusing and hard to leave a comment on. Apparently they have to go through F/B or twitter. I love sharing as it helps us all but this was hard to navigate because you didn't seem to get a choice to share. If you want to comment you have to choose an icon. I would have liked to leave a comment and then liked the F/B page and tweeted.

Would love some input on this as I found the website quite fascinating and liked the blog. It could be me as I am still not media savvy.

Judith Ashley said...

Hi A.K., Thanks for joining us at Romancing The Genre. One thing that insures a book is published is illustrated by your post --- sticking with it no matter what!