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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Catching up with Deanne Wilsted

If life is a journey, then the Genre-istas can certainly celebrate having enjoyed every mile along the way. Thank you so much to the crew for having me back to help celebrate this Sixth Blog-O-Versary! I am so proud to be counted among the amazing group of writers that have helped contribute to the blog’s success. 

To help celebrate the success of Romancing the Genres, I’m offering all of my Kindle books for just $.99 on Amazon for a short time from May  22nd. You can find them here: amazon.com/author/deannewilsted

Throughout the ups and downs of parenting, moving, and publishing, my characters have continued to inspire my writing and driven me to get their stories out there. 

I completed and published my third novel, Molto Mayhem, set entirely in Italy. It has received great 4 and 5 Star reviews on Amazon… especially for my descriptions of Italy. Part Letters to Juliet, part Notting Hill, Molto Mayhem captures the reader's heart with quirky characters and delicious descriptions of food and setting. I tried to treat perceptions of grief, religion, and Italy in the book with my usual trademarks of humor and honesty. 

After receiving my rights back from my publisher for my second novel, Untangling the Knot, I have redesigned the cover and re-published so people can continue to find this sweet romantic story about Gabriella the church wedding coordinator who unintentionally gets all the plans wrong due to her growing attraction to the groom and his kids. In particular readers have really resonated with my depiction of the kids and the church priest in the story. And I wanted to make sure the novel would continue to be available (with some edits, but otherwise unchanged) along with my first novel, Betting Jessica, and my newer one, Molto Mayhem. 

Finally, my creative brain is back in gear with the start of a new novel set in England. It is a mother daughter journey this time…. With a little romance thrown in. The conflict? Mother wants to visit Jane Austen tourist sites, while her daughter is only interested in Harry Potter. Can commercial and literary fiction co-exist for this mother daughter duo? Or are the two genres, and the two characters’ personalities, perhaps not as far apart as they might imagine? 

I’m writing my own journey as I go along but love to share it with fellow travelers. 

You can drop me a note at dwilstedauthor@outlook.com or follow along on my journeys inspired by love at 


Deanne said...

It's been a while since I posted on Romancing the Genres.... I'd love to hear how the readers are doing and what they are reading right now. I am really enjoying a book called The Summer Before the War. It is set in England and is rich in setting and character. How about you? Any good reading plans for the summer?

Paty Jager said...

Hi Deanne, This is a fun idea by the blog queens to have past members give us a "What's Up" with past members lives. Lately I've been reading nonfiction books on the Dakota Territory for my next historical western romance series.

Judith Ashley said...

Hi Deanne,

Currently I'm rereading books on my keeper shelf to see if I still want them. I've actually three shopping bags of books that will go to new homes where they can be read and appreciated. I am also catching up on Grace Burrowes. I really like her Contemporary Romance series. And, when not reading romance fiction, I'm reading Maggie McVey Lynch's first book in her Secrets for Authors series.

deanne said...

Great Idea to re-read off the keeper shelf. I struggle to get rid of books and every now and then my bedside table drawer becomes too full to shut and I know it is time to purge. That would be a fun blog topic, actually, what are three books hidden away right now in your bedside drawer.

Opening the drawer right now... and...
Between You & Me - Confessions of a Comma Queen, by Mary Norris is the first one I pulled out.

More on my next comment:>)

Sarah Raplee said...

It's great to hear from you, Deanne! I just finished Obsession by Nora Roberts. Awesome romance about what happens to a serial killer's family after he's put away for life.

Since I feel the need for a fun, escapist read, I'm reading Darcy Burke's Her Wicked Ways next - a Regency. Looks to be quite entertaining.