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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Romance And Tropical Settlings Are A Winning Match


When some people think about the tropics or tropical settings, whether in the region of the Pacific Islands, the Caribbean, Central America, and other parts of the world around the equator, Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn (yeah, I had to Google that), their comments are generally framed around the sunny weather, the landscape, the foods, the people, and the festivals or carnivals.

When I wrote Carnival Temptress in a themed-series with Marcia King-Gamble, I chose Trinidad as the setting. One of the iconic symbols of the island is its Carnival. Each country that participates with a Carnival season brings to the celebration its own culture and brand. As an inclusive celebration, not only the nationals enjoy the annual event, but many tourists will descend to participate in the many parties, pageants, and the festival.

Since I have not attended a Trinidadian Carnival, I interviewed a friend who makes an annual pilgrimage with her husband. She is Trinidadian-born, but now resides in the U.S. It was interesting to get her perspective and love for this unique experience. Many parts of the Carnival in the story are actual events that my friend attended or participated in as part of her band.

My friend in one of her costumes
And in another year she wore this

(Back cover blurb)
Carnival Temptress, The Revelers series novella, takes you to the wonderful, sunny island of Trinidad to enjoy Carnival. Micha Lindsey and her friends are heading to the annual festivities that promise to make them forget their worries and heartbreaks. Out of a job, and out of a relationship, Micha is ready to have Carnival work its magic on her. What she didn’t expect was for sexy, brooding Amar Jaikaran, her youthful crush, to be the one with the magic touch.

Amar Jaikaran feels invaded by his sister and her friends who noisily barge into his life. From the first day, he’s appreciative of Micha’s transformation from the giggly teen who he remembered to this stunning, curvaceous beauty. 

Separately, they have experienced their share of pain and loss. Would a few days of tossing aside inhibitions and celebrating life’s pleasures heal their wounds and steer them toward each other to fall in love?


Here's hoping that one day you can make it to a Carnival in any of the beautiful countries that host this annual gala. 

Happy Reading!!



Judith Ashley said...

So many activities I've yet to experience in my life and Carnival is one of them. I'm not sure I'd like the crowds but I know I'd love the costuming! Thanks for expanding my knowledge about "Carnival".

Diana McCollum said...

Carnival sounds like a ton of fun! I love your friends costumes. Does she make them herself?

Michelle Monkou said...

Diana, my friend buys her costumes. The band that she participates in has a fashion show of what that coming year's Carnival costume will be and the various versions that you can purchase.