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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

To Those Affected by Harvey and Irma

A great big hello out there!

I would like to break away from the standard blog post today, and take a moment to reflect on the recent natural disasters of late. Namely Hurricane Harvey and Irma.

Both storms came in like a wrecking ball, so to speak. They left death and destruction in their wake, tearing families apart and displacing millions. They truly were magnificent beasts to be feared. However, despite their ferocity, they did do one thing great.

They brought people together.

The internet is loaded with tons of photos and videos of people saving other people, and even pets. These are a huge inspiration in regards to humanity's will to persevere.

I want to say thank you to those who reached out and stepped up for humanity's sake. And not just the rescuers, but those who were (and still are) behind the scenes working hard to ensure a successful cleanup and recovery, as well as those who have sheltered others from the storms.

If there is one thing a catastrophe does, is it teaches and shows us that all life is subject to disaster. No matter who you are. But true beauty and a glimpse into the human soul is gleaned when we all come together to conquer whatever is thrown our way.

To those who found themselves in either hurricane, you have my sincerest sympathy, and I hope you find yourselves back on your feet soon. I know there are things you may have lost that you can never replace. But remember...YOU are not replaceable to someone out there, and that's what counts.

Best Wishes,

Feel free to comment with your favorite stories where humanity unites in the face of adversity.



Judith Ashley said...

Well said, Isha!!!

And sometimes the gifts come in little gestures. A couple of years ago I was struggling to get a box of my books into my trunk. Two ladies who were walking by asked if they could assist me. I stepped aside and with a 'one, two, three' they hefted the box into the trunk.

On a larger scale, during our snow-pocalyse this past winter, my neighbor came by to see if I needed anything from the store. She was walking up (more like trudging) and she wanted to make sure I was okay.

I am continually amazed at both man's inhumanity to man as well as man's humanity to mankind. Not that I'd wish Harvey or Irma much less Jose and Maria on anyone but since they are in our lives, I am filled with gratitude to see so much compassion and generosity in our world.

Sarah Raplee said...

Beautiful post, Isha! I lived through the Thousand Year Flood in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in June 2008. Over 20,000 people were displaced from their flooded homes, but only 800 needed to stay in a shelter. The rest were taken in by family, friends, and strangers - a testament to the way Goodness prevails.