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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Ringing in the New Year...Time Travel Style!

It's almost time to say goodbye to 2017, and welcome 2018!

Gah! Where did all the time go?

To me, it still feels like we just reached the new millennium. Happy Y2K anyone else?

But alas, we are coming upon 2018, and if you round that up, that's nearly two decades into the millennium! Crazy, right?

Time is a funny thing, or as Einstein predicted, time is relative. While I know it's really about to be 2018, I am stuck in the past! Thanks, Einstein. Your theory says I can stay there if I choose!

Speaking of time, many of you may (or may not) know that I love time travel, like a lot. I dream about it, I read it, and I write it, too! I have spent hours upon hours researching the theories out there, coming up with my own, and then creating countless scenarios in my head and on paper. It's my favorite game of what-if?.

But time travel is a tricky beast. It loves to mess with your understanding of how time is supposed to work...backwards, the side! (Line dance, anyone?) But in all seriousness, it is no easy concept to fully understand. Which is also why it's becoming so popular among fiction, in my opinion. As an author, I can do whatever the heck I want with it because there are no set rules! There are countless ways one can "time travel" in fiction. Such as machine, wormhole, magic, falling into the ocean, or stepping into a storm...I've seen and read them all. However, my favorite method is via curse. Yup. The good ol' cursed object, or location! Why is this my favorite? Because not only does it encompass time travel which allows me to bring my hero or heroine across eras, it adds that extra bit of magic, and paranormal fantasy. Currently, I have two released books that fall under this specific category. To Wish Upon a Roman, and Death's Redemption. (To Wish Upon a Viking is in the works!)

To Wish Upon a Roman features a cursed Roman in search of his wife's soul in the present day. I have to admit, I had a lot of fun writing this one as I let my imagination run wild with just how an ancient Roman would react to things like an alarm clock, a vacuum, and even coffee! I'm not gonna lie--I cracked myself up!

Death's Redemption is a little more serious in nature as the hero is actually wishing to finally die. He's been cursed so long, he can longer see the rainbow through the clouds. That is, until the heroine steps through a magical wall into ancient Egypt, and reminds him of just who he "is". Toss in some ancient mythology and a meddlesome god, and you've got a time travel fiesta!

Okay, now that I have shamelessly promoted myself, let's get back to the main topic. It's almost 2018! Time is coming and going fast these days, and time travel is becoming a reality as we progress in technology...(maybe). Over my lifetime, I have heard many, many people say, "If I could go back in time..." or vice versa. For me, I have already traveled in my head, because as I mentioned above, I am apparently stuck in Y2K! LOL (Ohh maybe I am supposed to break a curse?!)

So my question to you all is: A new day is dawning in technology, so many things are coming to light in the world of science, and time travel is looking more and more feasible every day. Would you ever time travel if permitted? To where? When? Or do you prefer to just read about it?

Comment below and let everyone know!

You may be asking what's the point of this post, Isha.
Is it:

A) Ishabelle has no idea what year it is most of the time?
B) Ishabelle really, really wants to time travel?
C) Ishabelle is stuck in some magical time loop and she can't get out until she breaks some curse that is keeping her in the year 2000?
 OR D) All the above!

Until next time,

Ishabelle XOXOX


Pippa Jay said...

I always felt torn between visiting my favourite era (the medieval period) and going to the future. Just lately though I've wondered if humanity will *have* a future. >.<

Judith Ashley said...

Fun post Isha! I've not been particularly attracted to Time Travel. One of my biggest sins is I've never read or watched "Outlander" although I did "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" so I'm not hopeless. I love reading about other times and places and even going there in my imagination but I love my running water and flush toilets so going very far into the past is out for me. The future? I've enough challenges answering my smart phone and learning the techie stuff needed to be an indie published author today...

Sarah Raplee said...

I LOVE time-travel romances. There's the built-in fish-out-of-water trope for one or both main characters, plus endless possibilities!

I would love to time travel as an observer, but I'd be afraid to interact and risk changing history or catching smallpox or something similar. And since the future is someone else's past, guess the same goes for traveling there. Plus I already have enough challenges in the present.