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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Living the Dream

by Madelle Morgan

This month’s topic is “If I were a millionaire.”  Well, I’m not. Far from it. But it’s fun to speculate about how I’d spend bags of money.

First, I’d buy a lake house. After my grandparents’ place was sold in my twenties, I’ve coveted my own piece of heaven. This luxurious property on Millionaire’s Row would do.

Each novel in my Hollywood in Muskoka series features a resort or lake house in Muskoka cottage country—the beautiful recreational area north of Toronto, Canada. I draw my writing inspiration from those summers at my grandparents’ lake house and subsequent vacation weeks at rented cottages.

My first summer job as a chambermaid at a Muskoka resort inspired Caught on Camera.

Delawana Inn, Honey Harbour, District of Muskoka

A Muskoka shop inspired Brigit’s SereniTea Shoppe in Seduced by the Screenwriter.

Abbey's Bake House, Port Carling, District of Muskoka

What draws us to waterfront property? The beach? Water sports? A place for extended family to gather and bond? All this and more.

My parents, sisters and I rented this old cottage with bunkie (sleeping cabin) that together slept 16. One bathroom + outhouse, an outdoor shower, and no TV. 

We spent our precious days together mostly in or beside the water. Below my sister teaches our niece how to windsurf on a sailboard.

At night our kids had to play games that didn't require a screen.

Furry family members love being off-leash. Rudy inspired Caught on Camera's Mopette.

Yeah, it’s nice to dream of living in a palatial property, but I didn’t need to own one in order to create memories worth a million bucks.

Madelle in a giant Muskoka chair.
What would you do with a couple of million dollars?


Madelle Morgan  writes romance set in Canada. 

Caught on Camera is a Hollywood wedding romantic comedy set in Muskoka, Canada—summer playground of the rich and famous. It's Book 1 of the Hollywood in Muskoka series.
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Judith Ashley said...

You are so right, Madelle. You don't have to own the Muskoka Lake front property to spend time there. What fun you, your sister and the kids must have had. In my dreams I buy a place at the beach. Sometimes it's a condo, sometimes it's a timeshare, sometimes it's a single family home. What's true is I can spend time along the Oregon Coast without owning anything! And that is something I've pledged to myself to do - more time at the beach in 2018.

Diana McCollum said...

Great post and a great dream! Looks like your family enjoyed many happy days on the lake. Memories are great!!!

Maggie Lynch said...

Love the pics and memories. I envy families that had a special vacation spot to go every year. It gives a sense of place that is really special. My childhood vacations were equally wonderful but different. I had a grandmother in Indiana and a Great Grandmother in Idaho. So, each year we would alternate between them to visit. We'd leave southern California and camp our way across country (with six kids) to their home. The one in Indiana had a big house, by our family's standard. It had a basement where all the kids could sleep and my parents got a guest room upstairs.

It was like heaven each year. We'd take a different route each time and see different sights--mostly national parks. We got to cook outdoors every night, see amazing stars in the sky that I rarely saw at home, and learn how to navigate both highways and hiking trails.

Thanks for sharing your memories. My DH had a place to visit like you mention in his childhood. He traveled from eastern Ohio to a rented lakeside cabin in northeast Ohio every year with his family. The great thing about visiting the same place, I think, is the freedom of being on your own because your parents trust you know your way around.

Madelle Morgan said...

Most of us live in urban areas these days, so another benefit of family vacations to the hinterland (besides connecting with family) is connecting with nature. Those sun-drenched beach days and star-filled night skies with no light pollution fill one's soul. Wonderfiul.