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Monday, April 16, 2018

Launching A Book Series by Kristin Wallace

Going "off topic" for this month's post again. I am neck deep in book launches for my new sweet romance series, The Heiress Games. I had the bright idea to schedule back-to-back-to-back launches in April, May & June. Book 1 (Least Likely Heiress) just launched last week on April 10th. (You can read more about it in last month's post. CLICK HERE!)

I had to do the series this way because of the way the series works, but wow...is it a lot of work. I don't know how some authors put out a book a month! Hats off to them.

Anyway, because I'm swamped, I will cheat a little and give you guys a preview of Book
2, Not Quite An Heiress, which launches May 8.

The craziest will ever concocted will bring them all together…

Eccentric heiress, Victoria Armington, has died and left her vast fortune to her pet pig, Matilda. Now three Armington descendants have been chosen to compete for custody of the pig…and control of the money. Then there’s the lawyer in charge of overseeing the competition, and his two best friends, who arrive to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Welcome to The Heiress Games…

Heiress #2: Abby Douglas

Abby Douglas isn’t quite an Armington. She’s not quite part of The Heiress Games. Her half-sister is, though, and Abby will do anything to ensure she wins the fortune. Because there’s a secret Douglas sister out there...and they need to save her life. The last thing Abby expects is temptation in the form of an arrogant, yet irresistible, ex-football player, Killian O’Connor.

Killian O’Connor needs to reconnect with his troubled teenage son before it’s too late. He’s lost his football career after an injury, and he won’t lose his son. So, he agrees to help his best friend oversee The Heiress Games. The last thing he expected was to fall for a buttoned-up, English professor. Abby and Killian couldn’t have less in common, but they just might discover that the biggest fortune they could find is love.

In the midst of it all, there’s also a saboteur at work. Someone who might stop at nothing to make sure no one wins.

ALERT! The Heiress Games is like no other series. You’ll actually see the same events unfold in Books 1 (Least Likely Heiress) and 3 (The Forgotten Heiress), but from the other characters’ points of view. Each romance will come to a satisfying conclusion, but you’ll have to wait for the ultimate winner to be announced at the end of Book 3. The author apologizes in advance for writing such a cliffhanger, but hopes you’ll love the journey to the grand finale.

You can pre-order Not Quite An Heiress now from...

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Kristin Wallace is the USA Today Best Selling Author of inspirational and sweet contemporary romance filled with “Love, Laughter and a Leap of Faith”. Her previous best selling series include Shellwater Key Tales (sweet contemporary romance) and Covington Falls Chronicles (inspirational romance). 


Maggie Lynch said...

An interesting approach to a story. I will look forward to seeing how it does for you.

All book launches are difficult and time consuming, finding the time to do one a month is crazy. For me the more difficult part is keeping the momentum after the initial couple of weeks. Or in your case after the third one drops. Good luck.

Madelle Morgan said...

This series concept checks all the boxes for me. Sounds so fun. I'm sure readers will become very attached to the pig. I love that it is on the gorgeous cover!

The tight launch schedule is a lot of work, but readers will so appreciate it because I for one will be reading the books back-to-back. Any plans for a boxed set?

Judith Ashley said...

Kristin, So glad you went "off topic" because learning more about The Heiress Games is a good thing. And since the monthly topic is "What Always Brings a Smile to My Face if not an Outright Laugh" you actually hit the mark because I smiled as I read your post. Love the pig! Very smile-worthy.