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Thursday, May 17, 2018

7 Things about Me...

Well everyone knows, I love doughnuts, 

I’m a vodka wizard, (You can check out some of my magic on Thursdays on my blog)
Jelly Bean infused vodka

I have a ‘nice’ side that write young adult fantasy...

I have a 6-year-old that rocks my world   
The 1st book he wrote :-)

So what ‘interesting’ things can I reveal???? Things that you may not know but would like to know???

I wear boots year around… not snow boots but fashion boots????
My favorite pair... I have the gray and brown

Nope boring. Basically, I got nothing that’s why I write. I’m boring!!!!!

But my upcoming release – A Mermaid’s Wish – is full of secrets and more than 7 things are revealed... J


Aislynn is a mermaid who has watched humans from afar for thousands of years.  A negotiator for Neptune, she wonders, remotely, what it would be like to feel anything but especially passion the way humans do. The truth is mermaids can't feel emotions of any kind and hot sex is one of those experiences she wishes for.  When the opportunity to become a human, temporarily, presents itself, she takes it.

Finley McCormock is a hard-core, tough as nails divorce attorney who represents rich women leaving their husbands. He has no time to do pro-bono environmental work like his colleagues or to fall in love himself. Why bother? He knows how marriages end.  But, his new housekeeper, as odd as she is, gives him a hard on he has to take care of.  The good news is Aislynn seems more than happy to oblige. She is his sexual fantasy come true.

But, when Aislynn's past catches up with her, Finley will have to decide if his attraction for Aislynn goes further than the surface of the water. Does he really want to get in deep with his mermaid?


Aislynn bit the cookie. A week wasn’t very long to mate with a human especially now that she knew not every male could make her moan. She wished the kiss with the stranger had been more satisfying. The experience proved to be less than she imagined. There had been no moaning, no sound that over the century she'd equated to passion. Sadly, it had only been a little different than kissing a merman. Clearly, this human male was inadequate in the art of provoking sexual responses.

But until A Mermaid’s Wish is available…you can check out the secrets in...

Young Adult Fantasy
Pirates, Magic, and...a Tiger


andra ashe said...

I love reading little snippets of info about writers. Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself. Reading your post, though, was a bit like reading about me lol

I love Vodka and boots (but only wear them in winter) and wouldn't ever say no to a donut. And weirdest of all is that my WIP is about a Selkie called Aislinn.

Looking forward to reading about your mermaid and your future posts!

Judith Ashley said...

Always love to hear about works in progress! Thanks for sharing a bit about A Mermaid's Wish.