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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Dream Vacations Without Leaving Home

by Madelle Morgan

What if you could go on vacation without actually travelling anywhere? That's the type of "staycation" that is opening up with virtual reality (VR).

3D video capture and Google mapping are making the world's sights accessible from your living room. It's called Virtual Reality Tourism.

This didn't exactly sneak up on me. I'm a tech geek and knew the technology was under development. Finally, after years of innovation and investment, the VR headsets are much less clunky, the price point has dropped, and 3D video capture equipment is more widely available.

Kids of all ages who desire the latest gadgets are putting VR headsets on their gift lists.

Why is this of interest to romance authors?

The applications of VR are unfolding, but they all involve telling a story. Examples are in the fields of entertainment, real estate sales, training, and travel.


VR, like other forms of entertainment such as television and film, is a medium that requires writers. The immersive experiences will need scripts. Narrators and actors will connect you to the places captured in the VR world. Video game designers are well positioned to expand into VR games, taking the expression "immersed in the story" to a whole new level.

Real Estate Sales

Soon online 360 degree videos of homes for sale or rent will be outdated sales tools. Agents will give their clients headsets and virtually "walk" them through dwellings to narrow down the selection before an in-person visit. Imagine touring several homes in an afternoon without the hassle of driving to them.


Aircraft control simulators used to train pilots and loved by gamers have been around for a while. But did you know surgeons, crane and other heavy equipment operators, emergency services personnel, and basically anyone who develops skill with repetitive practice can learn using simulation software and VR?

Wouldn't you prefer that aspiring surgeons make any learning mistakes in a virtual environment, rather than screw up in real life?

Travel & Tourism

Wearing the headsets, we'll be able to virtually wander around museums, tour historic sites, visit vineyards (sadly, no wine tasting), ride roller coasters, and even "experience" outer space! Writers, the virtual tour guides will require scripts.

Here's a description of 8 Virtual Reality Travel Experiences That Will Blow Your Mind.

At my age, Virtual Reality Tourism is the only way I'm ever going to visit Machu Picchu.

There are many European castles I'd love to tour, but I'm not sure my legs will get me up all those tower steps.

What applications for virtual reality do you envision ten years down the road?


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1 comment:

Judith Ashley said...

Oh my, Madelle! I wasn't aware we were that close to never leaving the comfort of our homes - lol, However, the downside to VR vacations are many - no wine tastings, no smells, no hearing the sounds of different languages and accents. While I may see everything, as I understand VR, it is not multi-sensory-yet.

I'd love to see VR used more in training situations like you mentioned - doctors, dentists, etc. Dr. Denis Waitley, who worked with Apollo astronauts, talks about how they found ways to simulate what they'd experience in space. A safe landing on the moon was the result - just like they'd practiced.

For those students who are more kinesthetic learners, I think VR technology would help them stay focused on what they were learning, especially in History and Science classes.

And maybe foreign language depending on the script?