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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Let's vacation with a killer...

While I’m not a fan of the snow and endless cold, Michigan has some amazing places to vacation or staycation. 
A staycation for me - less than a 1/2 a mile away... the beach….

Miles and miles of forest….(these are from a forest path about 5 miles from my house - another staycation)

And some mountains…

I went on a hiking trip several – okay a lot – of years ago.  It was amazing!  One of my favorite family outings. And because this was such a great trip, I wrote a book using the Porcupine Mountains as a setting.  I mean what better to honor a great family vacation then turn it into the playground of a serial killer????

Hiking with a Killer


For their second wedding anniversary, Heather and Max plan on spending a weekend hiking in the Porcupine Mountains. 

It's early May so they plan sharing the park only with the squirrels, deer, and maybe a bear. But they soon learn a much larger and more dangerous predator is hunting. And they are the prey.

In order to celebrate another anniversary, they have to survive this one.


Heather Ultisk shifted her shoulders, so she could ease out of the backpack. The beauty of it almost made her forget her aching muscles and the blister on her left big toe. The late spring afternoon sun sparkled off the tumbling water creating hundreds of mini rainbows. She stood holding her camera but knew any picture she took wouldn't do the waterfall justice.

"Breath taking." She began clicking her camera. Moving slightly trying to capture the beauty with her lens.

"It's nothing compared to you," Max Ultisk said from behind her as he wrapped his arms around her waist. “For the last two years, I've been lucky enough to be married to the most beautiful woman in the world."

She giggled at her husband's corny line. "Really Max, it's a good thing you’re a computer gaming geek because you would have failed completely in the card writing business."

He nuzzled her neck. The roughness of his six o'clock shadow against her soft skin fanned the flickering flames of her desire. "I'm serious, Heather. I love you and I'm truly a lucky man. These last two years have been amazing. How many other women would want to hike the Porcupine Mountains for their second wedding anniversary?"

Available July 1, 2018

Have a great month! And enjoy your vacation or staycation...

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Judith Ashley said...

Lyncee, Again your pictures are breath-taking. You really do live in a beautiful part of the world. I see the commercials on television about vacationing in "Pure Michigan." Your pictures rival the ones in the commercial. Had to laugh at your reasoning for taking the beauty of Porcupine Mountains as your setting. Y