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Saturday, June 16, 2018


Hi, I’m Sarah Raplee, author of the Psychic Agents Series of Romantic Suspense novels. Why psychic agents?
Because they are so fun to write! 
I love “what ifs”. 
For example:
What if the FBI has a top-secret unit of agents with extraordinary psychic abilities who are a resource for both U.S. law enforcement agencies and those of our allies?
What if an agent who can find anything or anyone, anywhere, can’t find the man who murdered his family?
What if every time a blind wedding singer kisses a man, he passes out?
What if a drug cartel run by powerful psychic criminals kidnaps and enslaves other psychics in order to achieve world domination?
I also love world building, constructing a world in which such a story can take place. In order for the stories set in this world to make sense, I have to design a “cosmology” of rules that govern the way things work.
For example:
Is the general public aware that psychic Talents are real? Or is this knowledge limited to a select group?
How does the top-secret unit get assigned to cases?
Is psychic Talent inherited? Developed by exposure to a virus? Caused by an experiment gone awry?
If inherited, how is it passed down?
Do parents with the same Talents pass the same Talents to their children?
What happens when a regular human has a child with someone with Talent?
I had a wonderful time world building the Psychic Agents series. I hope I’ve piqued your interest so you'll read the blurb for BLINDSIGHT, Book 1 in the Psychic Agents series from Windtree Press.
A tenacious FBI Psychic Agent who can find anything…
A lonely blind woman with a dangerous kiss…
A brutal psychic criminal obsessed with killing one and controlling the other…
When FBI Psychic Agent Hector Guerrero’s family was kidnapped and murdered, he swore to stop the slave trade in psychics. Undercover for three years in the Mendoza Drug Cartel, he’s zeroing in on a hidden prison camp in Washington’s Cascade Mountains. Nothing will stop him from taking down the Cartel.
Blind wedding singer Melisenda Smith can’t keep from projecting her emotional energy onto others through touch. Meli’s nomadic life performing throughout the Pacific Northwest allows her to avoid physical and emotional intimacy. But now her only family, her elderly guide dog Freddy, must stop traveling. Desperate to pay for a career change so she can work from home and keep her beloved companion, Meli accepts a risky gig at a drug lord’s wilderness wedding.
When the Cartel targets Meli for kidnapping, Hector loses his focus. When Meli blows his cover, she loses Hector’s trust. When Meli rescues Hector from a torture chamber, Hector might well lose his battered heart.
I hope you enjoyed my post. Please visit my Amazon Author Page to learn more. ~Sarah


Diana McCollum said...

Enjoyed hearing what your process is for writing! Great post.

Judith Ashley said...

Loved this book!

Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

Sounds like an intriguing series!

Madelle Morgan said...

Sarah, these psychic agents sound fascinating. Plus you have a dog character. Love that! :)

Sarah Raplee said...

Thank you for your interest, Diana.

I'm so glad you loved BLINDSIGHT, Judith!

Genene, thank you for stopping by.

Madelle, characters with unusual abilities are so a fun challenge to write. So are animal characters. Freddy definitely steals a couple of scenes in BLINDSIGHT!

Maggie Lynch said...

Loved Blindsight and am awaiting the next book in the series. What I love is the use of a special power (psychic) as a way to enhance what some see as a disability (blindness). Cool concept and the way it is handled is wonderful.