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Thursday, July 19, 2018

A real contemporary romance...not

It's my anniversary week!!!!  Yup I do an entire week...

It was the theme for my planner (yes, I'm one of those people who decorate their planner and may have a sticker addiction)

My facebook page has been devoted to different romantic 'things'.

I ran a contest asking for ways to celebrate our many years together

Sooooo what is the secret to our many years of marriage??? Is our romance what fuels my books????
Winter days spent cuddling???
Or relaxing evenings talking over cocktails????

Sunset's spent together at the beach????

 A Picnic along a river????

Nope.... none of these. Truth be told we have survived when all the odds said we should have failed...

.... I was young - just 19 when we started dating 

... We had NO plan for life

... We NEVER sat down and talked about gee where do us going as a couple

... We have stood on the edge of being homeless
... He's been an over the road truck driver for most of our marriage...before cell phones... we talked once a week because collect calls were expensive. 

... Our daughter was 10 before we had a Thanksgiving Dinner as a family
... I grew strong and independent but I NEVER once thought I'll do this alone.
We have survived because we chose to...because we didn't try to have a 'real' ccontemporary romance. 
Because we are okay with our romance being...
Raising a 6 year grandchild
Not seeing each other on our anniversary and knowing that there will be no cuddling in front of a fireplace
Accepting that life's hard. And marriage is harder. BUT it's awesome!!!!

I write stories of amazing romance with miles of beach walking holding hands, of passionate lovemaking that last hours and hours (maybe days), of couples that sip wine watching the sunset. 

I write these romances not because my life 'sucks' but because I know what real romance is. I use my marriage as the rock to build from. That every couple I create can feel the security and comfort I do knowing that I have someone that while he's not always physically beside is always beside me.

And I have a great new cover!!! Made by Lia at Glowing Moon Designs

Have a great month! 


Shannon said...

How beautifully said! Solid rock to build upon. I'm going to carry that through my week.

Lynn Lovegreen said...

Happy anniversary!

Judith Ashley said...

Good for you, Lyncee. A whole week to celebrate a marriage is about perfect. Maybe next year try one day for every year? I do that for my birthday and it is an awesome practice.