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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

10 Reasons Canada is the Most Romantic Country

by Madelle Morgan

This month the blog is hosting Canadian romance authors. Here are a few reasons why Canada is such a romantic country.

1.  Quebec City—the most romantic city in North America. Winters are so cold you have to snuggle under the blankets, like in this calèche (horse & carriage).

2. Prime minister Justin Trudeau. Enough said...

3. Niagara Fallsa traditional honeymoon destination. 

4. Long nights and Northern Lights.

5. Harlequin—the world's biggest romance publisher originated in Canada. It's now a division of HarperCollins.

6. Hunky Canadian hockey players, many of whom, like Mike Fisher, Carrie Underwood's husband, play(ed) on American teams. You're welcome!

Canadians can lease Crown land for wilderness cabins

7. The wilderness is owned by all Canadians. The majority of Canada's remote lake shores, forests, mountains, and tundra is well beyond the roads network, accessible only by air or water. Only 11 percent of Canada's landmass is in private hands, most of that in a swath along the Canada-United States border. The Crown (government) controls the rest, although aboriginals have legal rights via land claims. They were here first.

8. Canadian Hollywood stars (male): Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, Keanu Reeves, Nathan Fillion (Castle), Hayden Christensen (Star Wars), Jason Priestly (90210), Eric McCormack (Will & Grace) and many more.

9. Canadian Hollywood stars (female): Neve Campbell, Cobie Smulders, Rachel McAdams, Sandra Oh, Anna Paquin, Sarah Chalke, Tamara Taylor (Bones) and many more.

10. French is a romance language and Canada is a bilingual country—English and French! Regardless of the fact that Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian also have Roman/Latin roots, French is the language of love. Why else would it be called "French" kiss?

About Madelle

Quebec City / Ville de Québec is Madelle's hometown. After university she slept for five years under the northern lights in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories (where her romantic suspense, Diamond Hunter, is set. 

She now lives and writes in Ottawa, Canada's capital. She's traveled to every province and territory in the immense country of Canada, and has dipped her toes in the three oceans touching Canada's shores. She speaks French and English.

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Judith Ashley said...

Madelle, I Love this post! both pictures and text. Yes, French is the language of romance and while I've not been in Quebec City, I have been in Montreal and Vancouver B.C. There are days that the fantasy of running away to Canada is strong. Now I've even more reasons to do so!

Sarah Raplee said...

Good points all, Madelle! You've convinced me!

Marcia King-Gamble said...

I loved this post. It made me smile! Keanu Reeves. Yum! Love Quebec as well. You forgot to mention "Sugaring Off Parties."

Lynn Lovegreen said...

You're so right, Madelle. Thanks for sharing all the Canadian treats with us in the U. S.! :-)